Sunday, October 31, 2010

Julie and Julia Blog/ Goodbye October

So Last post for the month. October 31 2010 I will never see you again, but you have been great. I have been watching my new favorite movie today Julie and Julia. It's about a writer that started a blog in 2002( I didn't even know about blogs in 2002) following her self assigned task of completing Julia Childs book Mastering the art of French cooking. I think it was like 500 so recipes and she wanted to use every recipe through the book in a year and she did it. So the movie was awesome! The Blog is pretty interesting too. So here is a link to the blog. I like reading it and following her as if I followed along in 2002. After a year and a half she stopped blogging on this blog, but I love technology because it is still there to find. Ooooooo Enjoy Julia Project Blog. And Peace out October!

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