Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lyceum Series

Ok Ok Ok so I have been slacking on my post. To be honest there really hasn't been anything i felt like making a post about, I guess that's kinda bad huh! I do have something today. Well here at good ole FAMU we have this Series of Art Education and perfomance shows we do through out the school year, It's called the Lyceum Series. We have had Maya Angelou, Nat Adderly Jr, Kathleen Battle, The black violin and Savion Glover for this 2010-2011 school year. Sigh, unfortuantly I wasn't able to see anything from the series this year. Last year I went to see Wynton Marsalis. It was Awesome! I did get to meet Savion Glover, Yea! He had a meet and greet the day of his performance. That alone was good enough for me. I could just hear him speak. He was super nice and took pictures with everyone there and sign autographs with a smile and thank yous. I am glad had a chance to meet him even if it was briefly.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I went to grab something to eat and saw this I promised they pulled up to next to each other around the same time. Crazy Right! you Can't make this thing up.

More Hair explorations with yarn braids

My hair style exploration is still going strong. Check me out.

My old Flat twist style. I think I get better each time I do it.
ok so I saw this you tube video on a basket weave hair style. Ummmmmm let's just say this was my first time and it was a hot mess. Everybody else liked it though.