Monday, October 25, 2010

Friday Night :4Q Gamenight!

Friday Night Lights at Gene Cox stadium. One of the biggest games of the season. Two Rivals Leon Lions vs. Lincoln Trojans. Leon has not beaten Lincoln in 12 years. This game was smoking hot! The stands were packed and I was there in my Gear. Lol or at least the outfit uniform I am trying to put together. I was kinda tired of being kinda blah on the side lines. So I just spiced it up a bit. Girls like football too and we like to look Fly so why not combined them. I am still working on it I will get it down by next year. Oh yeah Lincoln Won, but Leon was leading until a 1:15 in the 4th. Ummmm better luck next year lions. By the way I am Cougar and we whoop up on Columbia High School. GO COUGARS!!!!

In case you are wondering Of course I did not wear the hills while I was shooting. (smile ) just for the pics then I change in to my work boots. It can get muddy out there on the field.
Let's see I had on my 4Q earrings. I had on hand painted silver with black tips with on finger totally painted black with a lime green butterfly. On the other hand the opposite Black paint with silver tips with on finger painted all black. I had on a pink under shirt for breast cancer awareness month and the long sleeve shirt cause man the temperature is dropping at night now. Ummm or and a silver pink blend eye shadow.
This is after the game at Hungry Howies. This is when the staff gets together and eat and talk about all the games we went too. Basically just chilllin out. That's Djawa Our videographer is awesome.
Yep That's Mike our other videographer and Christina the other photographer for the night. It's Three of us but Andy was celebrating his little girl's Birthday. See ya next week Andy!
Yep and some newbies. Ahhhhhhh Fun Night I look forward to it every Friday.
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