Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trey Watson

One of our local High school talents here in Tallahassee was killed in a car accident on last Saturday and I must say the out pour of love and acknowledgement of his long life is just wonderful. It's like the whole city is putting it out there. I didn't know him personally,but I have watched him play all season and I even seen him play his last game. My Cousins are really up set they both go to His high school and knew him well. On of them was the status person for the foot ball team and the other one had classes with him. Well I here are some of the things people have done. Prayers for his family and friends.

Oh back in the Studio

Ahhhhhhhhh. It always feels good when I get back to some photograph stumping grounds. One of my younger homies is in photography class again and she need some help using the studio so of course I naturally wanted to help. I just wanted to explain the lights and how her brand new camera works and all the cool things it can do. Well I love being in the studio and missed it alot( It makes me feel better and at home, anyway), but I haven't been in one in a while so I am really rusty and I can not find my light meter so I am a little ticked right now, but anyway we had a good time and I think she learned alot even though her model didn't show up. So until the next time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cooking 101. A+

Image found here
I have comeback to the kitchen after my last cooking ordeal. Well I figured one or two things about the last dish. One: Maybe I should not have made substitutes. ( Maaaaaybe it was a bad idea. Click here to see last meal) Two: Maybe the recipe wasn't bangin' like I thought. Any way moving on to last night's dish, Spicy Shrimp and Tomato pasta. I have to say I got an a plus for this and it wasn't hard at all. I recommend this to anyone and when I think about it is sorta healthy. I found the recipe on Martha Stewart's site. Oh I made Garlic Bread and I got the instuctions for that form Simple Check them out they have some pretty good recipes too. Ok this is how it went.

I went to publix and bought some shrimp. It was on sell, but I recommend going to the local fish market or seafood market, It would probably be cheaper.

So this was 97cents yea! Publix had a pretty good sale. I think I am going to try the whole wheat pasta next time just to see if it taste any different.
You know what this is Shrimp being cook. This time I did not over cook it YeY!
Ok so the recipe called for Can tomatoes in garlic so I got the italian seasonings. I could not find the one the recipe called for so I improvised I figure it would fine. It was really good too.
Oh this was so good. I used Italian 5 grain bread from the bakery. Yes I will be using it from now on.
Here is the sauce. I was wondering why it would not get really thick and I figure maybe I didn't drain the liquid that was in the can ( duh Janine duh)
Now everything together. Easy right!

Excuse the out of focus pics. Not my best stuff but this salad hit the spot and went along well with the other items. I had a good time and My parents loved it too. My mom could not stop eating the bread and my daddy kept trying to 3rds and 4ths. This did not take long so now it's in my recipe pile. I am going to make the chicken piccata again tonight and this little yummy snack I found off of Soul Pretty.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chris Jackson, The author

I am highly impressed with my adopted little brother Christopher Jackson. I was a sophmore when he arrived at FAMU. I remeber that he loved to write. Now I see he has published a book of his poems. Very exciting! I am so proud of you Chris! I remember reading some of his work when we were in school and thinking how talented he is. Hope he is doing well. I will have to purchase this book when the funds come around on Friday. Check it out here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Rachel Stewart Earrings

I remember talking about having these wonder earrings from Rachel Stewart. She is an artist that I found on the Black Girl with Long Hair blog. I have on both earrings but I gave the peacock earrings to my cousin and she love them. I also love these really cute ones that came along with the peacock earrings

Art School for you

For the art program seekers Check out these pics I found them when I was in the University's Art department. Looks Interesting!

Birthday Card!

Yey she likes it!
This is the envelope I made. That Cherry is scented.

I got all this at Jo anns on sale very cool I think.

So on of my homies had a birthday on Saturday. She is a wonderful 25 years of age. She and planned a spa and dinner day for all her friends to join her. I was not able to participate in these activities but met them at dinner to give her the card that I made for her. I dusted off the craft skills and started the creative tank of ideas again. Well I turned our pretty good and she like it so that was all that matter to me. Glad you enjoy your birthday homie. YEYY!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

No Colored Allowed

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Alright! I just read this article that kinda made sick and sad at the same time. This guy in Augusta, Ga Wants to start a leauge based on color and culture and I quote the article "Only players that are natural born United States citizens with both parents of Caucasian race are eligible to play in the league," Now that is just a slap in the face. I know our black Men are talented but not all of them can play a sport and guess what other cultures can play too, even the white guys. So what message is that sending out but "No Colored Allowed" Read it for your self and let me know what you think.


A new professional basketball league boasting rosters made up exclusively of white Americans has its eyes set on Augusta, but the team isn't receiving a warm welcome. The All-American Basketball Alliance announced in a news release Sunday evening that it intends to start its inaugural season in June and hopes Augusta will be one of 12 cities with a team. Click here to read the article>>>

Here is another link I found that just seems a little more friendly and doesn't try to isolate people on purpose.

MBA : Multicultural Basketball Association

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey Doris, So Happy to see you!!!!

Gail, Doris and Me

My Teacher from SCAD was in town last weekend for a weaver's guild workshop. I was excited to see her and catch up. She was one of my favorite teachers at SCAD. It seems like the new fibers building is loved by all. Well I expressed to her how much I miss being in a lab and doing my natural dyeing. ( Ahhhhhhh one day I will return Dye pots) So she introduced me and was apparently talking about me( it was good!) to all her weaver friends and they were so excited to find out that I did natural dyeing because they play with it too. So I hope they invite me to do some workshops. That would be a lot of fun.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Savannah Throw Back

Ahhhhhhhhh...... Memories

Working at WSAV That is me with the dreads and April and I think it's Eric Lastra( If any one knows let me know, I wish I got a picture of Tommy from "Martin" when he came to the station.)
WSAV Holiday Party. I missed it but I heard it was great.
Oh yes my girl and her homie. I love both of them.
Me on the TelePrompter at WSAV in Savannah
Us again at the senior show.
My homie and her art work. Great Artist
Nancy me and Doris. Oh I love Doris one of my favorite teachers.
Nancy and Me. I miss her.
Graduating work and books I sell.

Hey I have been looking threw a lot old photos of when I was in Savannah and remembering the time I was immersed in art and how wonderful it it felt to be surrounded by artist all day. I love hanging out with my homie Erin and 482 and Nancy. I loved bring my ideas to my teach Doris and I love the little food places down town. Well here are some throw backs from 2008. Enjoy

Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Fun With Mama

Well the next day after not getting my eyebrows arched at the spa we went to 7day nails and spa and I got an excellent eyebrow arch from a girl name Vee she was so nice. I even convince my mom to get hers done too. It was difficult because she was so reluctant. But I am glad she did. We had a fun time. So guess where I am going to get my nails( yeah I am going to do this more often), pedicure and eyebrows done. 7 day nails and spa yea!!!!!!! And it is down the street from my houseOh did I mention I got my hair done. OOps!

We went to lunch on Saturday with my sister and I had the Shrimp Scampi at Olive Garden. It was fantastic. I must say we had the funnest girl time ever. Can't until we visit my sister in Texas more girl time fun!

Lord I Trust You!!!

Image found here.
Hey, It's this song I listen to on the radio in the morning on 90.5. They play gospel in the morning and I would here it almost every day I would get in the car. It blessed me so much so I decide to share. I looked it up it is called " I Trust You" by James Fortune & Fyia. Link to video here

Here are the lyrics and they are found here:
One of the most difficult things to do is
find yourself in a storm and
while in that storm it seems like everyone who you
thought you could count on has
well walked away; and
Sometimes it seems like even God Himself has
forgotten about you.
But in spite of it all you should still be able
to lift your hands and say
"Lord, I trust You


Even though I can’t see and I can’t feel your touch
I will trust you Lord how I love you so much
though my nights may seem long and I feel so alone
Lord my trust is in you I surrender to you

So many painful thoughts travel through my mind
and I wonder how I will make it through this time

But I trust you, Lord it’s not easy
Sometimes the pain in my life, makes you seem far away
But I’ll trust you, I need to know you’re here
Through the tears and the pain
Through the heartache and rain

I’ll trust you

Verse 2
Everything that I see tells me not to believe
But I’ll trust you Lord you have never failed me
My past still controls me will this hurt ever leave?
I can only trust you, no one loves like you do

So many painful thoughts travel through my mind
and I wonder how I will make it through this time

But I trust you, Lord it’s not easy
Sometimes the pain in my life, makes you seem far away
But I’ll trust you, I need to know you’re here
Through the tears and the pain
Through the heartache and rain

Through the tears and the pain
Through the heartache and rain

I can, I will, I must
Trust you

Vamp (repeat as directed)
I, will, trust, you
8 or 9 xs

I’ll trust you
I will

(I’ll trust you repeats 3 times, then I will is sung)

God will make a way

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Health Food Goodies

Almond Butter is soooooooo Good!!

Hey these whole wheat, gluten free snacks are awesome
These little olive crackers are delish!!!
Fresh juice or rather fruit juices are always good.

So I am trying to find different snacks to eat. I went to the health food store and found several things but decided on Olive, tortilla chip that is a cracker. It has Black, Green, Kalamata Olives, Garlic, and Sea Salt. Can I tell you it's delicious. I am not eating cheese right now but they would taste great with some Queso cheese. UMMMMM. They have like 3 grams of Fiber. Okok then I got these crackers called Sticks and Twigs. It's whole wheat and flax seed with curry. It's good too. Well I like. I also go organic pineapple juice( it taste with regular pineapple juice to me) It was delicious. Last but not least I got a container of freshly ground almond butter. ummmmm I really don't like peanut butter so these freshly ground almonds will do the trick. Well so far that is my adventure in New Leaf ( our health food store). I brought some back to the office and all the females like the food but the males didn't. I wonder why that is? Umm something to ponder. Well if I find anymore goodies I will update cha.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's Movie Time!!!!

During the holiday break I saw some great movies. Sherlock Holmes, this was a phenomenal movie by Guy Richie. It was smart and funny and action packed I can not wait for the next one to come out. It kept you thinking and trying to figure out the clues and how awesome the mind of Sherlock Holmes is to a new generation.If you have seen any of Guy Richie's movies you will not be disappointed.Image found here
Of course I fed into the hype and saw Avatar. It was so worth it and earned every bit of it's hype. It was visually stunning. A nerd like me is in awe of the technology and the creativity of these artist, this is not so much my expertise (3D that is) but I was very impressed by what I saw. The story line had been seen before but it didn't take nothing from the movie I loved it.
Lastly I saw the princess and the frog. It was nice to see a black princess. (spoiler alert!) But she was kinda a frog most of the movie. Besides that the music was ok but the story was sweet and exclude the magic very real life. The story promoted hard work to get what it is you want so that made it wonderful.