Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Believe

Ok I saw the video to this song on Youtube. It's by James Fortune and Fyia. I made a post about them some time ago, you can check that out here. The song is called "I Believe" I just found it, so I am not sure how long it's been out. It's a great testimony of God. You have to first believe that you can make it out of the storm before you are delivered out. Our words and Thoughts are so very powerful and when use in connection and in relationship with God we are powerful beyond our own expectations. I hope this song lifts your spirits and inspire you to keep pushing through.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

It's more to do In Tallahassee

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So there is stuff to do in Tallahassee besides going to the movies or dinning out. I am soooooooo excited to have recognized what this website is all about. It called More then you thought. com. It is run by COCA ( Council of Cultural Arts) here in Tallahassee. They promote the Arts in our dear sweet small Capitol city. I try to keep up with most of the things they put on. Check it out, I am about to, because I have to find something to do Friday and Saturday WhooooooooHoooooooooo.

Friday, January 21, 2011


this is for my homie, she mad a post on her blog about 112, don't you remember the 90' s videos with the random slow motion shots all through out the video. Ummm the 90's how I miss your music. Oh wellI just thought I put these here for her, Oh everyone else you can enjoy too!

This video can be found here on Youtube

This video can be found here on Youtube

This video can be found here on YouTube


I just loved Floetry. I just couldn;t believe they had broken up. Where was I going to get poetry from, sigh. Both women are mad talented and I use to vibe so hard to their CD's in undergrad. Oooooo good days. Anyway I just ran upon this song by the The Floacist, Natalie Stewart. Her and Marsha have gone their solos ways and still are bumpin hot music. Well Natalie Stewart has this song called Forever. She is doing here own thing and I am feelin it. This song relaxed me today. Oh not to mention I love this video. Ooooooooooo Enjoy!

video found here on Youtube

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Church was good/Friends are Good!

Church was wonderful! He talked about Toxic Relationships and how they can change your desitny. But heathy ones can be help to you in your life's journey.

Yarn Braids

I try
Yes I totally missed this spot.

So it's been ummmmm 5 weeks since I had my hair done by my wonderful cousin, and i have like all this new growth, I am trying to make this last until March. I hope I can do it. Well I have been using black onyx hair growth oil, I love it, I wonder if that is what is causing this crazy hair growth. Ummmmmmm. Well here is how I have been trying to style my hair.

First Friday 2011

Sorry I have been gone for a two weeks. I actually had stuff to blog about I just hadn't got to putting it up. I have nothing super special, just some things I have been doing . Well the first Friday of every month here in Tallahassee is First Friday. From previous post you know I love these Fridays when all the galleries stay open late and Railroad square is poppin' with galleries shows vintage shops and entertainment, oh yeah and a bunch are art lovers and artist. Ooooooo I love Art. Well this time I didn't get to go to railroad square but I went to some of the other galleries around town. It wasn't exciting as Railroad square, but cool no the less. This time my little homies didn't roll out with me in the cold to look at art, but my cousin did. I hope she had a good time. I told her welcome to my world and she just smiled

I love my cousin.

We went to Bonefish Grill afterwards, I think I look like a straight up girl from the 80's that night.
What a great night! I love First Fridays I can 't wait until February.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Tuesday!!!

So What a productive Tuesday! I accomplished everything on my list. This is a rare feat for me. I visited my dear friend and teacher and that made me feel 10 times happier and motivated after talking with her. She sent me like loads of Fiber art information. Oooooooo I am so excited and Fiber Crunk now.

I am in my car before going to see Caurca
So the Sail Fibers Class had this Donated to them. Awesome! Also they grow cotton in the back of the school! They are make some nice yarn.

This was a mural outside the class room.
Later on that night I went to a Godby High Game. My old high school plays my other old middle school( it's a K-12 School so Godby is playing FAMU High not middle)
Old Classmate and she is coaching at FAMU High.

Congrats Miracle!

Sunday was pretty drab looking too. But it was a great day because my little cousin got baptised and most of our family was their to see it. I am so proud of her. God is really going to do some great things with her. I am so proud of you Miracle!

My cousins and sister.


So my sister and Brother in law cause a problem with that steelers' gear they got my dad for Christmas. But a day after my dad wore it the deal or transfer got a hole in it. I was upset! This shirt was from the official NFL Site and they but this cheap Heat transfer on a super nice cotton T-shirt. Best be believing my sister got her money back. I could have done that and better.

This is after the hole. I decided to take it off. It looked horrible after he washed it.
Oh and it came off with no problems. This was so disappointing!

Pedicure Time!!!

See Pretty Toes!
Oh yeah I got my hair done during Christmas, My cousin did it.

Well kinda like last time. I went to get a pedicure at the end of the year. Well really the first of the year. My sister was suppose to come along with my mom and I but she was really tired. The really bad part about getting this done on Saturday January 1, 2011 was that it rained as soon as we left, Bummer. Well at least my feet were soft and pretty. Yea for me!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Goodbye 2010/Well hellooooooo 2011

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Yes hello 2011. I can say I feel much better in 2011. When I went into 2010 I was feeling beat down and things just were not going well at all. Now in 2011 I feel great and am ready for opportunities and carving paths. I attribute this attitude to the lessons I learned and the people I met in 2010. So reflection time.

Lesson 1: *You can choose to be or not to be* I will explain. A lot of times I just get very overwhelmed with my own emotions ( I am a very emotional person). I allow them to over take me and I began to respond according to my feelings. What I realized after much prayer and meditating, is that I can choose weather I want to take on an emotion. So if I start getting angry, because we are human we do get angry, I can choose if I want to stay angry. This is burden lifting for me. I can choose not to be mad. So just because something happens to me that i don't like I don't have to mad, angry, upset or bitter about it I can make a hard decision to not give into my feelings and tell myself we will not be over taken by these negative feelings.

Lesson 2: * The story doesn't always end up the way you expect it too, accept it and adjust* We have ( or I have) a drawn out plan of how things are suppose to be. Last year when I say ever kinda a plan got smashed to pieces. Now I was very disappointed and mad, but what i realized( as time went on) is that how you adjust to a change in plan or a totally new direction builds character. I would like to know for being able to adjust to the unthinkable and the unexpected rather then anytime something doesn't go my way I freak out.

Lesson 3: * Just because you mess up or make a bad decision it is not the end* Yes I make mistakes and sometimes it looks like that would be the mistake that would do me in, but God. Yes But God. All through 2010 I felt like I was going to pay for some decisions I made and had to learn that I can still accomplish the goal it's just I would have to take another way because I have reached a dead end or totally destroyed the path I was traveling on. Some time the journey takes longer because of something we have done, but God makes sure we get to the goal that he originally wanted accomplished.

Now 2010 introduce me to some brand new people that made some impact on me and I am so honored to have had the experience of their company and time.

Ms. Kim: I think I met Ms. Kim in July. She is amazing! She runs this after school program for young girls and exposes them to all kinds of things. Cultural, Fashion, Traveling, Spas Dances, Mother/Daughter talks, Father/ Daughter Fun, and then she tutors them and makes sure they get their homework done and she teaches them new subjects in the process. Now I don't even think I am doing her justice with the descriptions at the top. I talk with her as often as I can. She use to run a business and do graphics crafts, anything you name it. I love just talking with her, she inspires me with ever conversation I have with her. This is one person that I am glad to have the honor of knowing.

Ms. Tasha: So Meeting ms. Tasha has kept me a little more interested in Facebook, only because that is where I met her. I have been inspired ever since. She is passionate and hard working. I really enjoy our conversations and just like Ms. Kim she is an awesome women of God. She is really funny and very photogenic. Oh not to mention a great photographer, I have learn more from her then she would ever know.

2010 Thanks for the lessons! Well let's get started 2011 !

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year!!!!

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Happy New Year!!!!