Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hair exploration 2

So back on the Hair exploration. I have to admit it's a little exciting. Ummmmm what will I do next or what can I do after watching several YouTube videos by some naturals. Well I think I started on last Wednesday or Thursday and Rocked like three different styles until Monday then I am back to my baby Afro( from the shrinkage of course) So check me out.

Umm I think this is Thursday but I did it on umm may Tuesday and was getting tired of it. My first attempt at larger two strand twist since my hair has grown out a bit. I wasn't feeling them, but everyone else was. The none the less they were being rocked!
So on Thursday I decide to put the Two strand twist in Bantu knots I actually like the way this looked

So on Saturday I had to work the FAMU game ( I loved it first home game of the season) So I did a Bantu Knot out, it looked awful ( nope no pic it really looked crazy) so I just went on and twisted out the two strands also and was so feeling this style. I could not go to the game looking crazy.
Sunday the Bantu knot/ two strand twist out was a day old. This did not last that long before it started looking bad so as I am writing this am rocking the baby fro right now. That is why I like the smaller ones they last longer. Oh well the journey continues...

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