Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Cupcake camp in Tallahassee. My friend who has a her own cupcake shop in Tallahassee( Bite of your Life) was apart of this wonderful event. Now I told here I saw something similar on Bakarella.
This event was a charity event for the Jessica June Children Cancer Foundation. Click here to read the story. It was cool it had all kinds of interesting cupcakes and they sold cupcake boxes for $5 and you can fill them up with what ever type of cupcake you like. They also had silent auctions. It was so nice. I am glad I had the chance to go. Thanks homie for telling me about it!!!

These are my homie's wonderful delicious cupcakes. Yummm

My lovely friend and great baker extraordinaire.
Guess you is coming to dinner cupcakes
green been casserole.


  1. I love this! :D Thank you for posting it. I love you :*

  2. Yes!I love you to Ms. Baker. Thanks Shanna!