Friday, December 31, 2010

Shea Butter is What I Do!!!!!

I have been working on keeping my skin well moisturised. I have eczema and have been having a terrible bout with my dry skin. So after reading and staying on blogs i just started being diligent and consistent on the products I used. So this is nothing different then what is out there on You tube and other blogs. So my skin feels 100 times better and it's really soft too! So my homegirl who I love dearly asked me to help her and since I live on side of the US and she lives on the other side I decided to make this video for her. Soooooooooooooooo Homie this is for you, Haahahahah I hope you like it and I hope it does help.

My new favorite blog now is Moptop Maven, it is full of so much information and just healthy living. It's funny I think I found this blog at the beginning of the year and now just looking at how far it's come. It's amazing. I have already learned so much from her blog.

A Night of Basketball

Enjoyed some great Basketball last night. Unfortunately it was from the other teams and not our local teams and when I got home UConn was losing to Stanford. At last the streak was broken. UConn has lost there first game in 2 years and Stanford I think stands undefeated. Great game Stanford you deserve your win. UConn just get ready for the playoffs.

I love my Family!!!!!

So this is my Little sister and for Christmas she was in charge of the Mac and Cheese and the pound Cake. ( in case you are wondering I was in charge of nothing hahahah everyone is to afraid I am going to make something weird)
This is my dad and brother and brother in law acting silly
Hahahahah this is funny because my Dad is a Steelers fan and my sister and brother in law bought him all this Steelers's gear for Christmas. So my dad talks about everyone's team so bad he makes everyone not like the Steelers ( sorry Steelers fans) So Mike and I are showing how we feel about it. No we didnt' really step on the hat.
This was funny. My brother is a Saint's fan and as we were taking the picture my dad place this over his head. Mike did feel a certain kind a way about too. I thought it was stupid funny.

Homegirl Gathering

So my cousin but together this lunch gathering for my best friend coming into town. Now I expected certain people to be there, ya know like maybe 10 people. When I got there it was like 20 people. I was like WOW! I hadn't seen some of the girls in like 10 years and some I knew of but did not know well. I was amazed that she was able to get all of these people together. I had a great time catching up and trippin out. You know it's going to be a good time if you haven't seen some of your homegirls since you were 18years old and you are now 28years old. Oooooooooooo yes I had a great time.

This is my homegirl. We have been best friends for ummmmmmmm 23 years. Preschool buddies
My homie Ericka. We have been homies for about 20-21 years. Elementary School homie

Steph and my cousin Keyona, Great Job Keyona

Super Random

This was the best. Soooooo like a week ago my super talented super awesome friend sent me a package and in it was a very sweet card and a this bangin necklace. She said a co worker ( I think) Makes the pieces, it's called Liberated Jewelery. This was an awesome surprise. Thanks Homie!!!
So I just wanted to show this, it's funny that I didn't notice it on until I was cleaning out my purse. I didn't know subway had this printed on there receipts. Very Awesome!!!!
So next to the subway is a donut shop. They make Donuts from scratch and this was a snicker Donut. How much better can you get.

Gold, Orange, Red

I just wanted to acknowledge Fall. These trees no longer have leaves but just 4 weeks ago this is what they looked like. They were too gorgeous

Great Lunch day

What a great day to go down Town. I love going to there for lunch on occasion. It's a great place to have a relaxing lunch. I usually talk to my homie on my lunch break, Ahhhhhhhhhh I sit outside and take in the sunshine. When Life is simple it puts me at such a peace.
Oh Downtown Tallahassee. The Earrings by Jenelle jewlery. Oh you can check out my previous post on her Jewelery.

Goodies Eatery!

yes this was sooooooooooo good, But I totally forgot what sandwich this was.

State championships

Whew! I have been gone for like two weeks, but I am back to make the last post for 2010. I think I have about 5. So here we go. 4Q traveled to Orlando for the state championship game. One of our local teams made it to the State Championship game and of course we were going to be there with the laptop, camera and Flip Camera. This was the 18th of this month .Can I tell you it rained and rained and rained. I thought I was not going to be able to shoot, but when it was game time the rain went away. Yea!!!!!!!!Through out all the rain they pulled out a victory over a team that was undefeated and ranked 6th in the nation. Don't you just love an underdog story. I was so honored and ecstatic to have witnessed it. Ahhhhhh 4Q is taking me places.

On our way to Orlando. This was the best it looked on the interstate. It was pouring down the whole way there.
I was really hating my hair this week, It was looking like ughhhhh. So under that wrap is some large two strand twist, which is known to some how I don't like how a chunky twist out looks on my head. hey I still rocked it though.

Citrus Bowl
I am enjoying press box food. HAhaahha this clearly after the game because I usually on see the press box a few time during a game because I am on the field most of the time. Oh and that's Will from the local news paper in Tallahassee. (whispering) He hurt himself playing soccer this was the first day with out the cast.
This is well after the game. Djawa is watching basketball on his phone and he was paying me no attention.
We are about to leave. We had a pretty good time.

Look how tired I am. I slept the whole way back.
Finally Finally leaving the Citrus Bowl. We had been there since 11am and we didn't leave until 7pm and we didn't get back home until 11pm. A long fun day

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday benefit Mixer 2010

Saturday was a pretty good day. First Friday was 4Q for the playoffs. We have one team from the area that made it to state. My arch rival when I was in high school. Hahaahha but he that was like 10 years ago so I am proud that we have a team from Tallahassee representing and the head Coach is a young black young man that my mother use to teach in high school. So the we are all in support of him. Now to Saturday. My Homies, I love them so much, we have been homies since like freshman year in high school and we love them like family. They are trying to do this annually, but they put on this holiday benefit mixer ever year, I think this is the third year they have done this event. It was a social event with free food and drinks and all you had to do was bring a toy. The toys go to kids whose parents or parent is incarcerated. This particular one is really close to my heart where I was apart of this angel network at my home church and we did that gift giving to those kids and one of them was going to our church and I talk with her often. So I was the one that picked her name. It was cool too because I picked her up one day and took to window shopping and I ended up getting most of the clothes that she liked. It was really nice. Brad and Joey keep up the good work. I can't wait until next year.

Brad is showing some one the kids that have benefit from our giving.

These are Brad's beautiful sisters. Chelsea and Ingrid. Chelsea has a gospel album out. You can check it out here
My Classmates Joey and Brad they put this event. Good job Guys ( Man I wish I knew his eyes were close dang! oh well sorry homie)
My cousin came out to the event too!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mommy you look like me!!!!

I was on one of my favorite blogs Naturally Beautiful Hair, and they had a story on there about a little girl who was teased about her natural hair and her mom who had permed hair decided to cut off her perm to show her that she can be beautiful with out straight hair and not to worry about being teased about her natural hair. I think I described it right, but check out the link to the story.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update: Coach Natalie Randoph Head Boys Football Coach

you can find the picture here
So let me update ya on a post I made like in March( Coach Natalie Randoph). It was about a Female High football coach at Coolidge High. I just wanted to see how the season went for her. Of course it was a big deal for her first game of the season, and they lost, OUCH! Well she is 30 years old around the ages of other male coaches when they start out so hey you can't expect a miracle for the first game, but read the article here. She's young and it's her first head coaching position. I give her another year and no on is going to think about the fact that she is a women coaching High school Football. Here is a link to there schedule and their record was 4-7 sooo ummm. It's alright Coach Randoph, you won some conference games and it's your first year. It will get better. I am ready to see what goes on with her team next season.
Below is the press conference that took place in March.... Here is the link to where the video is located.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Sooooooo last Saturday was my birthday. Yes another year older. I am a wonder 28years of age now. Thank you God! Well I will let the pictures tell the story

First the night before, after game night the staff and I went to Applebees, Ummm I forgot they do embarrassing stuff at restaurants when it's your birthday. I should have remembered! They embarrassed me the whole night making out burst like "Happy Birthday Janine Whooooohoooo and then the "Happy Happy Birthday" chicks came to the table and did the long version of the song " Anyway the next morning my Dad took me to village inn for Daddy Daughter breakfast and we had soooooo much fun and made conversation with each group of people that sat next to us. First a couple that grew Christmas trees( did you know it take like 15 years to grow a Christmas tree) then a mother and her kids sat next to us and she did like some freelance crime stuff and catering and something else but I can't remember, but great times!
So my birthday outing with the homies.
Ummmmm my favorite long tail fish stuffed with cheese scallops, shrimp ummmmm yum
Bang bang tacos.. not sure what this tasted like my cousin ordered and didn't even eat it she took it home
Me and my best Friend!
Birthday desert, Thanks most awesome waitress for this it was good.
My other beautiful cousin... I love her fro!
It was cold but not that cold to be grown for pics lol
Me and my old roomie, she is already picture taking ready
Me an Casa of course being grown.
The new crew! ( We should have a crew reunion)
This is me the next day after church, Casa brought me this dress for my B-Day I love it!
WhooooooHoooooo look at that embroidery!