Monday, October 25, 2010

Walking for Breast Cancer

Sunday was pretty cool. First I finished my new members Class for the Church I just joined. Family Worship and Praise Center. Oooooo Yea for me! (Smile) Oh Yeah church was pretty great too. Then later on that day I did a walk for breast cancer with my home girl and her basketball team. It was a pretty good Sunday

Me and my homie both joined not at the same time but because I missed all the classes last month we ended up in the same class. Sweet! It's nothing like have a friend along with you some times.
More jewelry from Jenelle!
It was a whole lot of people here. It was fun and inspiring.
I walked with the women's semi- pro team here in Tallahassee Tallahassee Lady Thunder.

This is after that long walk. I had a good time. Oh and I did make me some breast cancer earrings I will be wearing them next year

So I found out my homie was there. My Godson's mother. Nice Surprise. I had just had a great conversation with her the previous night. She didn't say anything about going lol but neither did I.
Oh and Veronique was there too another nice surprise.

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