Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Friends and Some Good Church

Family Worship and Praise Center
had there family and friends weekend last weekend . It was awesome. I attended the festivities with my homies we just loooove church and art. Fashion, Talent and Jesus. Can't get any better then that. Life is Good!!!!

Working with what I have.

I tried the Miss Jessie's product on my hair. Ummmm the results weren't what I expected. The back was super curly and the front sorta curled up. It let me know the curly pattern in the front of my head isn't as curly as the back. It looks like I am going have to stick to twist for my tight curls. I did like the product and it smelled really nice. So I will try it again maybe I did something wrong, But I did rock it for like three days straight. I had to keep applying it though, because they started to straighten themselves out by the end of the day. Well Thanks miss jessie you are awesome!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Miss Jessie and Butter N Bars

Ummmm yeah

Today I slept on it and I am really feelin' it
My twist out from yesterday I loosen more of the curls and it got fuller. Yea!

Miss Jessie and My butter and bar order arrived yesterday. I am so excited! I would have started using it right away but I am still enjoying my twist out. But I can't wait to mix up my skin moisturizer and play with some curls and styles.Ooooo I am just so excited right now. Miss Jessie products is suppose to be in some Target Stores this week. I think I will go and check that out this weekend.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Shirt Enhancement!!!!!!

I wore this out on Saturday. I though it was really cute and so did my mom.

So I bought these $1.00 iron on rinstones at Michaels craft store. They are really cute and I think it would just be fun to freshen up some older clothes. So I buy like a few of them and I give them to young girls and keep some for myself. Now I was a little confused on how these things worked. I thought they can't be that difficult they are only a dollar. Well anyway I used on the first time on Saturday and It looks great. Now I am going to find old shirts and hook them up.

Sucessful Twist Out

I think the back looks good. Just think I should make the twist smaller and closer together.
Can you see the happy in my face. Umm I think my face is little oily though.

Yea!!!!!!!!! I had a successful twist out. After watching several YouTube videos and reading like crazy I finally got it. In the previous post my hair was in two strand twist. On Sunday before church I began my twist out and I thought it look great. Considering the last 4 times I tried it look a hot mess. I think when I will make it smaller. Ummmm I think I will not have the part in the middle, I never really liked it. I think it makes my face look strange, but that is just me. Oh yeah I will be separating them each day. So hopefully it gets bigger each day.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Two Strand Twist

Look at those spaces I wonder what it will look like when I twist it out
Yeah I think I look better now.

Well I after watching several videos. I feel a little better. So now with my clips and wrap lotions and combs. I but my hair in two strand twist. I made them smaller, and it worked out better. I have them flat now and I will leave them in for 2 or 3 days and twist them out. I think I will make them again but smaller then the ones now. Well I feel good about this hair style. So onward. Stay Tuned...


Hey SCAD ( Savannah College of Art and Design) was featured in an article online, well Shop SCAD was feature in article. Check it out.

Now Shopping| SCADs of Good Things

March 18, 2010, 2:58 pm

Image found in article and is located here

Savannah, Ga., isn’t only about Girl Scouts, Paula Deen’s calorie-bomb cooking or the intrigue of John Berendt’s “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” The city is also home to a thriving design scene spawned in large part by the Savannah College of Art and Design. While SCAD, as the 30-year-old college is known, built its reputation as one of the country’s leading design schools, its administration wisely snapped up a number of big, beautiful (and, let’s not forget, historic) buildings that faced probable demolition. As a result, its schools, lecture halls and administrative buildings are seamlessly woven into Savannah’s urban fabric, making the college an integral part of the city and revitalizing several once-derelict neighborhoods.

When I visited Savannah last month, I made a beeline for shopSCAD, the college’s gallerylike boutique.... Click here to link to the story>>>

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Canon 50D... I'm in love

Isn't this the sexiest thing you ever saw.

Yea!!!!!!!!!!! I got my camera. My Canon 50d has arrived with all it's assorseries.

Twisting Natural Hair Woes

Ok see how it's all spaced out. The twist look good though.

I think after this attempt I am going to stop counting. Well last night I washed my hair. I had gel in in so I could get really nice tight curls in my hair, but I like the way it looks but it feels hard and gross so I decided to try some miss jessie products to achieve this tight curls with out my hair looking a hot mess. But until it arrive I have tried something in else in the mean time and it feels great. Mind you I have only tried it on night but my hair was moisturized in the morning and is so soft. This how it happen. I was talking to one of my little homies about what would be a good product to hold my twist in place at night. I told her I used twist n lock. Yeah I had dreads so I have a lot of it left so hey why not... so anyway she mentioned using some leaving in conditioner foaming products. So as I was leaving church last night I stopped by cvs in a desparated need of some natural hair products, I knew this was a long shot but I also need something to drink. First I went found paul mitchell foaming promade. I used it before and I loved it so I picked it up but it was a little bottle and it was like $14.99. Ummmmmm let's keep looking I thought. I was like is there a dudley or a motions product anywhere in here. I found the motions but not the product that I needed and as I was about to give up I looked down the row and I saw something that said Organic Root Simulator smooth and hold pudding. ( Interesting I though , Ms. Jessie has pudding Ummmmm) I picked it up and looked at how much it cost and it was $5.99 BINGO.

I have not been having much cute hair success with the twist yet and it's a little frustrating. I have this supper soft hair which if i don't do it right the curl will straighten it's self out and it looks like I never curled it at all and it looks like I woke up and decided to do nothing to my hair. So last night I put this stuff on, it smells awesome by the way, and woke up untwisted and I still think my parting is wrong because my a hair is still not full and it looks crazy,not in a good way. It also looks like I have a bald spot or something much worse and it's not the case. Well the curls look ok not the way I would like but some of my hair has already strengthen out. *sigh*

Well I do not give up that easy. Will try something again tonight. I was on curlynikki.com and found some video tutorials that might help. To be continued...

This video was found on curlynikki.com

Freelance Freedom

I was on freelance switch blog this morning and I love the articles that are written on this blog. They are soooooo informative. One of my favorites is the illustrations by N.C. Winters. If you freelance you would really get a kick out of these because they are on point check it out

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Image found here

I love making cards

Ok so I have made like 2 new cards. One for my great uncle and one for a little sweetie that I just love so much. I love making cards it's fun. I hope they enjoy them when they recieve them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More adventures in Natural Hair!!!

Yeah I am continuing on my hair journey. Exploring new styles( at least new to me) and ways to keep it healthy. Last weekend I took the time to moisturize and comb, Yes comb and brush my hair. I have not done that in over 5 years. My hair is really soft though so it wasn't hard to do. Well onward...

Hey this is me after my second date with myself. Yes I was rocking the head band so hard.
Here is it all picked out after church I though it was nice and look it was much longer then I though.
Ok Saturday after I took myself out I decided to do a Bantu knot twist out for church. So I woke up took out the twist and baM here I am, but I did not think that it looked that good so I picked it out, but here it is.

Yes I comb and brushed my hair and my forehead is really greasy for all that Shea butter and coconut oil.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Date Weekend

Oooooo these were gooood nice donut pillows dipped in chocolate.

I love these Glasses
I was so full.
The slaw on the volcano roll is delish.

I treated my self so good this weekend.I took myself out on like two dates. I am great company! Well I have been craving sushi since we had some about 3 or 4 weeks ago so I took the opportunity to return to Masa and enjoy the shrimp tempra and the volcano rolls. UMMMMMMMM it was so good. I went to MASA on Saturday and Olive Garden on Sunday. I had a chicken scampi. I didn't really taste the "SCAMPI" in the dish but it was good. So with another date weekend complete. I wonder where I will take myself next.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hairstyle attemp 3!!!!!

Yea!!!!!! Attempt 3 worked. I really Skipped showing attempt 2. Mainly because a camera was not handy. More styles to try. I am still too afraid to go to a salon to get my hair done, even if they are specialize in doing Natural hair. I have been reading other blogs and the women on those blogs do their own hair. Soooooo I am going to try that first. Yea!!!!!!!!! It work all I had to do was make sure my hair was completely wet and not half dry.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Natalie Randoph Boys FootBall Coach

Ok just stop by to make this post I just thought this article was soooooooo awesome.
A Lady High School Football Coach AWESOME. Check it out.

Natalie Randolph to coach Coolidge High School football team

By Alan Goldenbach
Thursday, March 11, 2010 WashingtonPost.com

Former H.D. Woodson assistant Natalie Randolph has been named the head football coach at Coolidge, making her what is believed to be the first female head football coach in the D.C. area.

"I hate shaking hands," she said at the time, "because they walk right past me and don't realize I'm a coach."

Randolph has been dealing with slights like that ever since she fell in love with football, a passion that led to a five-year career as a wide receiver for the D.C. Divas of the women's professional football league and a two-year stint as a varsity assistant at Woodson.... Click here to link to the rest of the story. Images from story were found here too.