Monday, October 11, 2010

Jenelle Jeweley!!!

So it seems to me all the cool stuff happens on Pay Day, ( Well not always but this payday was cool) My home girl introduce me to this fabulous local jewelery designer named Jenelle and I was smitten upon first gaze of the jewelery she made. When we step foot on the set....wait let me explain.... Every Friday on Campus there is this area called "The Set" and they have like all different vendors there sell all types of cool stuff, clothes, food, cd's, jewelery and etc. Now when I was in Undergad it was really thick full of vendors, but over the past few years it has dwindled. Anyway I found these awesome pieces and I am addicted sooooooo payday she will be getting a visit. She is super talented and I can not believe we have some really awesome LOCAL jewelery designers here and they are affordable. Yey!

Jenelle on the left my homie on the Right
Aren't these earrings the bomb
Yes I rocked them all this weekend.
So everyone that knows me know I do not absolutely do not wear rings but this one was so awesome I had to get it. Yes I rocked this all weekend also, I might have to start wearing rings now I think I am in love.

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