Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Donut Love!!

So yesterday I was craving donuts from Donut Kingdom and not just any donut, a snicker doughnut. Ummmmmmm. Well while I was talking about obtaining this deliciousness, one of my homies starts talking about some awesome donut shops, THAT ARE NOT HERE. Bummer! But maybe somebody out there has been to these places let me know! Happy Donut Hunting. Ummmmm

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Natural Hair Solution

So after the tragedy. On Sunday I decided to do something about it and yesterday the deed was executed. Enjoy!!!

As you see Marlon was so nervous....

He told me I should leave it like this. I was like oh no homie please cut all of it Hahahhaha
Not too bad though

I love it! I felt soooooo free. Now I can not wait for the warm weather.

Eartha Style

Eartha and Dr. Scott
Leaving Communion

I just wanted to just give a shout out to my girl Eartha. I think she has the most Fliest way of dressing. So check what Eartha wore on Sunday. We had communion at 6pm so I saw her twice. Yea!

No Fruit Slush

Sooooo last Saturday was the longest day ever. I had to shoot a invitational track meet by myself, I am still going through the footage. Anyway, after the meet I was in the mood for a real fruit slush at Sonic's, how much real fruit is used was not my concern hahhahah, It's about 8pm I pull up to a little station and was like SWEET it's like a few cars I should get this in no time and get home to relax. Wrong so I press the button and waited like 5 min, no answer, not even a hold on or I will get to you in a like a second. Then after another minute passed I back out and move to another station, same thing. What in the world, we are just ignoring customers now. I was really wanted that Fruit slushy. Thanks Sonics for not aiding me in relaxing after a long day on my feet, I had to settle for a vanilla coke.

Yum Yums

These are the most yummiest snack ever. Try them! I have gone through like 7 bottles....oh the shame.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Congrats Netta!!!!!

Me and Dr. Netta!

On last Thursday my homie of like 10 years, well 11years, Gave her PhD. presentation and is now Dr.Scott in public health. I loved here presentation on mentoring the mental health of African American Girls. Congrats Netta sooooooooo proud.

Senior Art Show

My two favorite people

Now Thursday Night was sweet! I went to the senior artshow competition at Leymone Art Gallery. Some of my sweeties from S.A.I.L. high school had entries and my other sweetie Ms. Sydney had a photo entry also. It's amazing to see the work that these teenagers produce. I was not thinking like this when I was 17-18 years old. I was able to see my old high school art teachers and talk with them about the work I was doing and what their kids are learning. It was a fabulous night!

Natural Hair Tragedy

Tragedy has struck in the natural hair journey...I have to shake my head. After the removal of the yarn braids i have accumulated massive amounts of breakage. I have two spots ( very noticeable too) in the back of my head. I would post a picture but it will just upset me... sigh I will keep you updated on this detour.

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!!

Yep this is my afro after my yarn braids
Civic center

So I know I have been slacking on my posting. I only had 3 post for the month of Feburary...yikes! I have had two people call me and come up to me to ask me when am I going to update my blog...hahahahah. I am glad somebody's reading it. Well Let's start from the sunday before last. So I was in church from like 8am until 2pm ( not the same service :)) I went to my services and sunday school and then headed over to my cousin's church for their youth day program. My cousin was he speaker...yea....I was so proud of him and would not have missed the opportunity to hear him speak for the first time. So after Church I headed to the FSU womens basketball game. It was the last home game of the season and my dad scored me some tickets... awesome game, they beat clemson. Yes I had a busy sunday.