Monday, October 11, 2010


Friday fun continues. So if you don't know I am regular person by day and sports photographer extrondiar by night. I shoot high school football every Thursday and Friday with my dad's company So I have been coming up with a 4Q outfit. I have my nails painted in the colors black and silver and I have these sparkling 4Q earrings that i made along with my 4Q shirt. I even have silver and grey make up. YES if you are going to do it, do it big.

Yes, It's a working progress. I am rocking the Blow out but my hair is so light if the wind touches or LIFE it moves out of place. Sigh. I just deal with it though
Yep Marc is steady working on Game night. He is really doing the job of like 5 people.
The end of the night in Madison County.I look crazy, I am going to get this make up right one of these days( it could be the flash), but anyway it was a fun night as always. Now for the 45min drive back to Tallahassee.
End of the night Whew!
I think I am loving those earrings I might make some more. We will see. This processes starts again on Thursday. I love it!

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