Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy Week , Fun Weekend

Oh man what a week. Besides going to a funeral, running around, track meet prep and visiting people in the hospital, the week was OK. I did get the opportunity to see the play "Crowns". Can I tell you it was like I had been in Church all day. OK check it. Last night Marc and I took his nieces and nephew out for dinner and a movie. It was the youngest niece's birthday. We took them for sushi and a movie, Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief and Masa restaurant. Man those sushi rolls were so good. We almost missed it though, we got there like 10mins before the kitchen closed( Talking about a close call). Anyway it was so good. Next we went to the movies, ok so we were like late for that too. We missed like 8 mins of the movie, buuuuuuuuut I think we caught on. So she had a great time, which I am glad. Oh did I forget to tell you it was super late we went to Masa at about 9:40pm and the movie at 11:00pm. I was tired. So then I woke up about 7:00am to got to church on Sunday. I almost fell over getting out of bed, but I just had to fellowship with others. So from there we went to eat and then I took an hour nap and headed to the play. I was late for that too! I am detecting a pattern , ummmmI better work on this.Image found here
The play was fabulous. You have to excuse the lack of pics I did not have the camera this weekend. I tried to find pictures of the play "Crowns" on the FAMUAN but they have none on there website( none I can find anyway). So this one is from the Tallahassee DemocratImage found here

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Essential Theater Presents...

Yea! The Essential Theater on FAMU"s campus, is a about to put on their first production of the year and I am so excited. When I was a student at FAMU, I love going to the plays put on by the Essential Theater. They were so good. They had some really great actors and some of them aren't even theater majors. This is where I first saw the play Dream Girls performed and it sold out every night. I am so excited! The Essential Theater Presents Crowns , it is a gospel type play and is based off the Book Crowns: Portraits of Black Women in Church Hats by Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry. This outta be good. It's this weekend the 26th-28th. I think I might get my ticket and go on the 27th. (It is a pay day you know hehehe)

Monday, February 22, 2010


Alright Alright for those that know me and that read my blog you know I have been avoiding joining FACEBOOK like it was a plague. I just thought I don't want people finding me, I thought that too many people will be prying into my life, buuuuut after much convincing from various people and realizing I a missing out on some much needed info and networking I have decided to try it out. I know I know. But so far it's ok I have talked to several friends and family that I just fell out of contact with, so it's ok. But if it gets stupid I will not hesitate to delete the account. So stay tuned to my adventures in Facebook Land.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Veronique!!

My little homie just had a birthday and I though it would be nice to make her a card. She loved it! Her birthday was on the 11th of Feb and she went out with friends on the 12th. I wish I could have gone, but I was in beautiful Savannah.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am Quitting!!

This image found here
One of my homegirls sent a list of 20 things to quit so I am going to post a few here. Her mom sent them to her so I am not sure where the originated from oh wait from, Motivational Speaker - Veraunda Jackson. I am going to share the one's that I like and or apply to me. Hope they inspire you.

Quit trying to pull people on your journey who don't want to travel with
you. Either they believe in you and value you.....or they don't!

Quit complaining about things you can't and won't change!

Quit letting family members rope you into the drama!

Quit staying in unhealthy relationships! It is not okay for people to
verbally or physically abuse you!

Quit making excuses about why you are where you are or why you can't
do what you want to do!

Quit settling and start making your dreams a reality! * Quit being
something different than what you have had in the must quit doing
what you have done before and DO something different! JUST QUIT IT ......
and START DOING something to create the experience you want!

Quit waiting on others to give you the answers ... and start finding the
answers for yourself! If what you are doing isn't working for you ... then
quit it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To be uplifted too

Fiber Open House

So the Fibers open house was awesome and since I have some many pics of the event and the new building I decided to put a collage together for you and give it to you a little bit at a time Enjoy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

To be up lifted

Cards are found here

This Weekend I have been showered with Encouraging words and inspirations so I will I am going to share them with you. I really enjoyed these. I think this is one of my new favorite sites.

I am back Savannah!

Super Lube is great My car is running so good right now
Yes this was my room
I went to travelocity and got this room for $80. Sweet! I saw that it would be for like $57 dollars in the summer.
Don't you love a clean bathroom.

So last weekend I made my way back to Savannah for the Fibers Open House. Now I had a great time down there and have lots of pictures and information to share. Well Friday was so yucky. It rained the whole day. So first before I left I had to get an oil change and have my serpentine belt replaced.( I can not break down in the rain) So I am trying to get to Savannah before 5:00pm the Open house started at 5:00. I get to Savannah about right at around 5 and check in to the Hilton Garden Inn, oh it was very nice. Then I called my homegirl and she came on by and we road out to the show. Hilton Garden Inn in Savannah did not disappoint

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Books and Cinnamon Rolls

Burnt Bacon Cinnamon rolls

Oh this weekend was so Fun and interesting. So much to blog about ummmmmmmm where to start... Well I will start with today and work my way back. Valentines day! That is all just a day. Just chillin out at church and burning Cinnamon rolls. Ok I saw this delicious recipe, bacon cinnamon rolls, on I have been fasting and my homie and I have been waiting to try this thing out. Of course he tells me to pre heat the oven to 400 degrees when the directions clearly say 350 degrees. Men. Well of course they burned I was so upset. It's like 12:15am Feb 14th and these cinnamon rolls and bacon are all burnt up. Yeah I was put off, but he said don't worry they weren't that bad. Well I never got to taste them my mom had thrown them away before I could taste them to see if the burnt food was really alright. Oh well!Onward...

I did receive a Valentine Day Gift yea! Don't you love it when some one knows you so well that they know exactly what you like without you asking for it. That is what my homie did. He got me this Book, The Princess and the Pea. Big deal right! This book is visually awesome it looks like the author and illustrator created the visuals through different patterns and textures and it's set in Africa. (You gotta love that) The Author and Illustrator is Rachel Isadora and she has other books. I want the ones that look like the princess and the pea. I am just loving these books and I do love a good fairy tale.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who do you Love

Now I am in the mood to get my Chick Flick Fix. I really like "He's just not that into you" very smart movie and I love the dialogue. It was not sappy but still very predictable and everyone didn't end up with some one,but they were still happy. So this to me is the makings of a sophisticated Chick Flick. It seem some what realistic. Well moving on...Valentine's Day is approaching and a new Sophisticated Chick Flick is coming out (YEA!),Valentine's Day. I think this would be pretty good to see if you have a valentine or not. I wish my homie was here cause I know she is always down for a good Chick Flick. We even watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, not together but just to know she wanted to see it and like it is good enough for me sooooooooo Enjoy the Trailers.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yes Yes and Yes!

Hey I like this:

"I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as he-- don't deserve me at my best." ~Marilyn Monroe.

Monday, February 8, 2010

We returned to First Friday

Me and the girls

Wonderful hand made pottery. I have the artist card but am not sure of the name right now. We did buy an artist card by ummmmm I forget her name too but I have her card I will post it later.
This was fun. It was an instillation by the music department at FSU. You were suppose to throw coins at it to make music. We really like. But one of my girls just kept hitting the wood and not the strings. poor baby
This weird feather guitar ummmmmm is all I had to say.
Libby a wonderful musician we met.
This is was the theme for the night, space relations.

First Friday last Friday was so much fun. This time it was just me and the girls. I took Marc's Nieces with me this time. We arrived at about 9:00pm so things were starting to close up but I think they still had a good time. I did.

Food fun!

This was really good too. I can find where I got the recipe right now but I will link the recipe when i find it. Sorry the pic don't look yummy. It's hard to take good shots at night.( That is usually when I cook)
Chicken patties yummmmmy oh and bacon that makes everything taste good .

Well last week my camera died so I did cook somethings but wasn't able to document the process and one time I just plain forgot.
So I went to pub lix last week. So I could get some ingredients for like two dishes right. Italian Sausage Spaghetti and Orange something Shrimp, I forgot the recipe. I would like to buy my seafood from the seafood market but you get what you can at the time. As I went to buy the shrimp for the orange shrimp this lady seem to be standing there for like 30mins so I was like forget it. I collected the ingredients for the Italian Sausage Spaghetti and as I reached in for the hot and spicy Italian sausage there it was ground chicken patties on sale. ummmmmm I though so I grabbed some bacon and buns and fix the chicken patties instead and the following day, Saturday I think I made the Italian Sausage Spaghetti dish. Can I say they were good. I think I will make my spaghetti with sausage from now on.

Friday, February 5, 2010

God Inspired Words from Ms. Joy

Yea!!! She is back. I missed the inspiring words from Ms. Joy. Glad to hear the wonderful and healing words God has put on her heart. Well with out further Adieu.

(Psalms 6:2 NKJV) Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak; O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled.
Healing after the hurt is exactly what God intends for each of us. Like a child that bruises his or her knee. They are expected to heal after a band aid is placed over it. In time the wound will close if medicated appropriately. The same is with God. He wants us to understand that we will get hurt, bruised, banged up and even battered. However if we allow God to take each and every one of our wounds to the cross He will properly medicate them. He will spread his loving neosporin, he will wrap the wound with his merciful bandages and he will lay His hands daily in an act of love and gentle grace.
Their may be a scar left but these scars are to remind you of His power. You never would have made it without Him. You would have been limping around and left to bleed if it had not been for His goodness. When you are weak- He is strong. Take the time to give Him all the time He needs to touch you in places that you may not have even known were hurting.
Try His way of mending and making you whole again.
Hurting and Healing,
Ms. Joy

Fibers Open House!

Image found here.
I am super excited about next weekend. I have decided to go to Savannah for the Fibers Open House. Very Exciting! It's been over a year since I have been back so I have a lot of people to contact with so little time to see them. So I have to plan this very smart. My department moved into a new building after I left so I have to go and see it in person. Well lots of prep work.( not really I am just going to get in my car and ride out) I haven't figured out if I am going to stay the whole weekend or come back on Saturday Ummmmm decisions decisions. I will post some pics when I get back provided I remember to get some batteries for my camera.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rattler Internet!!!

We have our own blog of course it is not updated by the school. No one, but a few knows who updates RattlerNation but it's a good place to get some FAMU news or anything pertaining to HBCUs ( Historically Black College and/or University)
We are on YouTube yea video!
We are on Facebook. We have like 10,000 fans We need more!
We are on Twitter!

Hey Just want to pump up my old undergrad stumping grounds. We are trying to be everywhere now. So Check out everywhere FAMU decided to be. I love to see us expanding to reach our Alumni all over the US and the world.

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Fun With Chicken Piccata!

So I am on this cooking crazy now. I use to cook all the time in Savannah but now not so much in Tallahassee. I am doing better. First this little pesto mozzarella tortilla thing I found on soul pretty can I tell you so good. So good! Thanks for the recipe! I make them all the time now. Maybe I might add some chicken ummmmm.

Onward. I made Chicken Piccata once again. I got the recipe off of martha She always has great recipes. Well I think I did good. I have let everyone else try it and they like it. So I might not make it again for a while. I am going to try different ones each week if I can.ok so these are some of the ingredients I used. I change the recipe a little. I use panko breadcrumbs instead of flour. I learn that one from my old boss in Savannah. Thank you E!
That chicken looks heavenly. Hummmmm
What's alittle chicken piccata with out pasta. I have done this part so much it didn't take long at all

Sorry I don't have a finish picture when I fix some tonight I will probably take a picture of it then.