Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Just wanted to say whats up.WHAT's UP! Tuesdays are usually super busy for me. I produce a radio show( a sports show) and I have to get scripts and rundowns and a whole bunch of other stuff together before 6:30. If you want to check it out go to 4Quartersonline.com to link to the station and hear the show, if you are interested in sports around our( Tallahassee) area and in sports world period. It comes on every Tuesday at 6:30 eastern time but he you could just tune in when every and catch a little bit. Oh oh yeah it's a basketball tournament going on today. Six games! Yea! Well I have to get back to scripts.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why is the Air Condition on in my Office?

Ok I have to blog about this. I work at one of the local Universities in Tallahassee. ( I will not name this university but if you have been keeping up with me you know where I work) Why in the world has the AIR CONDITIONER been on the since winter started. Can I tell you it has been below 30 at least two or three weeks and the heat has been on twice during this time. Oh not to mention the heat was on full blast on a unreasonably hot day. IT's winter time KEEP THE HEAT ON! So as I am writing this I am getting ticked off. My hands are cold and it's like no one wants to do anything about it. EVERYONE IS COLD! Tell me it doesn't suck walking up the hill in 30 degree weather only to arrive in the same cold conditions in your office and you force to sit there for at least 8 hours. You call and they act like you are complaining. This really annoys me I hope everyone else's office is warm.

Friday, December 18, 2009

HBCU Bowl!!!!

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Well I am ready for the HBCU Bowl in Montgomery, AL this weekend so I am showing my school spirit. I am trying to watch it some where. Information for it is here. This is the first Annual HBCU ( Historically Black College and Universities)Bowl and I think Russell athletics is hosting it so maybe I can find out where the are showing and link to that. So until then, Go MEAC!!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Learn through Discipline

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I forgot to share this yesterday. It's a scriptures from Christ notes that was the daily verse from yesterday. Still relevant! It Blessed me and gave me joy I hope it does the same for you. I read the article that the picture was from it was very enlightening. Eyeopening! Here is part of it:

I didn’t like it growing up, and I don’t like it now! I’m talking about discipline. Discipline is never fun and you can’t see its benefit when you are in the middle of it. The same is true with the discipline of God. If we don’t understand certain aspects of God’s discipline, an attitude of bitterness and anger will define our lives....
you can read the rest here

Christ Notes:
No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.
Hebrews 12:11


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I have a confession to make. I am excited to say that hey I am a BOOK JUNKIE! I have been one for quite some while. Let me explain. If I go to the Library, a friends house or and where and I see a book I think I am going to like, guess what I buy it, it's always a plus when I like the book( which is most of the time). So I often visit fellow SCAD Classmates blogs on the regular. It's cool to see how things are going for them without out actually talking to them everyday. ( Hey we are all busy now) It is also good to see them still doing there own projects and the cool jobs they have fall into. Now to my point. I was on Ameila's blog( you should check it out it's cool) and she had this post about a book about color and natural palettes and I love any information about natual dyes, colors, etc. So I went out and brought it the same day. I am in love with it not only is it cool I got it for like $8 and free shipping. So if anyone else would like to support my habit, I like fibers, natural dyes, photography, DIY, sewing and what ever else sounds like learning or yeah and Jesus (oops almost forgot, Forgive me:) )

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Canon Camera Takes a Lickin'

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As you know I am a photographer and if you don't know. Hey :) I am a photographer! So my boyfriend sent this too me and I saw this article on Fred Miranda( Photographers' blog and forum). Very crazy and very cool. I still trying to figure out if I would do it ummmmmmmmm.

Post Link here
Trying to keep it short: I sold my first DSLR (Rebel XT) to my buddy from Florida who happens to be a skydive instructor. He used it mounted on his helmet to shoot skydivers in a free fall. The mounting plate detached when he opened his chute and both cameras (photo + video) took a fall from approximately 3000 ft. Amazingly, the Rebel survived the fall and my friend is still using it to this very day. It has a crack in the plastic body and the kit lens is a little jerky when zooming, but functional. I'd like to know if there is a similar story or something close to this but I doubt. It might me a world record indeed (for the height of a camera drop which survived). Kudos to canon! PS: New development of the story: it seems that we might be lucky and get to see the video scene too. The guy has the tape somewhere in his files, you can see the moment when it got detached from the helmet and the free fall all the way down to the moment it hit the ground and got smashed. The cameras got separated when he opened the parachute, there was nothing to soften the impact for the Rebel. Estimated velocity: 100-110 mph. Ground was pretty soft but even so, the impact was massive. Stay tuned for the coming video

Holiday Mixer!

My Good friends from High school hosted their second annual Holiday Mixer. It free food and drinks but to get in you have to bring a toy. After they collect all the toys thy donate them to a charity or organization in town. Like the Angel connection and I think the Secret Santa( not sure if that is the right name). I enjoyed my self. So Saturday after I finish sewing my boyfriend and I rushed over to the mixer before they ended. I had a great time. I was really sorry I could not bring my professional camera and take pictures, but I got you next time guys. Good Job! Can't wait until next year

Without further ADIEU!

We were almost finished those outfits for the Christmas Contata. I think next time we will do it the way I normally make clothes. Cut everything, then iron and everything, and sew everything.
Don't they look beautiful. Great Job Cuz!
Good job Marcus ( I think that is his name) He is an awesome musician and he and some other musicians are starting a jazz club here in town. They will play on New Year's eve, unfortunately I will be in church, but next time.
Ok I am suppose to be working, but My cousin is having some fun with my camera

This past weekend was quite busy so let me recap. Well in a previous post I mention the outfits my cousin and I were making for the Christmas Cantata. So we finished of course and they look pretty good, despite all the stains, weird stitches and other issues. The Cantata was really nice and the girls were so happy to be made up and dancing.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Eye Candy and Inspirations

Hey check out these new blogs I found. Check them out!

Liberian Barbie Dolls!

All images found here and here
I saw this article and thought it was cool. I found it in two spots though. I will link both sites. I was doing some research on Liberia. ( My grandfather is from there) and stumbled on this article about Liberian barbie dolls. Here is the link to the story, it's more then 6months old but hey it's a lovely idea. LIBERIAN DOLLS GLOBAL POST SCARLETT LION: LIBERIAN DOLLS


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I have so much to blog about but was very upset on Friday because I accidentally deleted my whole blog list. I was HOT! I was mad at my self. I was trying to add a new blog to the list and then realized that I wanted to also follow and and just wanted to change right quick and WHAM BAM DELETE. Now what really burned me up was that there was no way to recover it. I looked it up and look it up and the only thing I found told me I have to rebuild the list. I now I was just annoyed. You mean to tell me you can find old emails some where in cyber land but I can not recover a list of about 20 blogs. Yeah I was so annoyed I was like let me go to wordpress because I could not send an email to anyone( or at least I could not find the email to send). So now I am over it now. So I will blog about the rest of the events of the weekend later. I hope all who are reading this are having a good day. Oh hey if you have anything like this ever happen to you leave me a comment and let me know

Friday, December 11, 2009

Let's sew at Christmas

Ok So Christmas is approaching fast and if you know that most churches are on their way to putting on some type of Christmas program. Well my church is no different. Our Christmas Cantata is this Sunday. There will be singing, speeches, essays and inspirational dancing to hold you over for the entire Christmas season. Well my cousin's wife (now my cousin. Yea!) is over the dance team in our church and she wanted to get wraps for her and the girls to where for the Christmas Program. So I suggest sewing something instead of just wrapping fabric around their bodies. Nothing complicated just something to go over their leotard. So Craft project begins. First we went and found some fabric she liked( of course we went to Jo anns that is the only fabric have everything fabric store we have here) Then last night we did some mock ups and I showed her how to sew for the first time. Now let me mention we tried to do this on Monday and at the church and I forgot my petal.( silly me!) So now today Friday we are going to try to finish.

We liked this fabric too but had no use for it Yet!
Yeah it was appeal lining
She ended up buying the green and gold. She didn't want anything to Chrismasy because she wanted to be able to use it year round.
This is the fabric and color that she picked out.
Ok I had already gave her the demo and now I have her practicing. She learned really fast.
While she was practicing I started putting the mock up together with some muslin. Pretty nice If I do say so myself.
Oh this is the actual fabric mock up. I didn't finish it I was tired and went home but we are going to knock it out tonight. Fun!

Let's Pray!

This Wednesday, I attended Bible study.( I had missed it the week before) and the pastor of the the Church really took a detour off the study paper and decide to talk to and support the teenagers and younger children that were there. It's funny because usually they are in another part of the church during this time but they were in there with us. So he brought them all up and prayed for them I was so touched because there were younger ministers praying with each child and growing up you really need that and I just wanted to express that. Oh the church is in Tallahassee and it's called Family Praise and Worship Center. Check out there website.

4Q emboridery Update

Just want you to see my progress. It's going along slowly but I will finish.

Rachel Stewart Accessories!

Well I was on Black girl/Long Hair and notice this Ad on the side with this really beautiful women with these really beautiful earrings. So like the researcher I am I click on it and when to her blog and then discovered that she designs earrings. I love her blog and all the new assories that she makes. I love art and buying from artist. You have to support other artist exspecially when they are awesome at what they do. So anyway I brought some. I love them. So I suggest that you check out her blog also and look through her work. Here name is Rachel Stewart and click here to get to her link blog.
This package arrived almost a week ago. I don't want to show it yet until I give it to my friend for Christmas.( I am not sure when she looks at my blog I will show you her response when I give them to her.) Can't wait! Thanks Rachel!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Random DIY

I was leaving Church on Sunday and notice this mail box when I was getting into my car. I just wanted to share this, I know my die-heart DIYers, craft maniacs and handmade crazies like my self would appreciate this.

Hey Steph!

My Oldest Bestest friend came in to town an called me and we went out for lunch. We have been friends for over 20years that's crazy. I love her to death and I am glad we could hang out on my B-Day week. We went to my favorite place of lunch Panera Bread Ummmmmmmm Panera!

Happy B-Day To Me!!!!!!!!

Ok, so today is not my birthday, BUUUUUT Friday was. Yea! Another year old. Thank you God! Well I didn't do much on that day. I went to cover a game for the 4Q. ( I won't dwell on it but that night every local team lost in the third round of playoffs bummer) But my best friend took me out that Thursday and my other best friend took me to lunch that Monday. It was a pretty awesome week. Didn't get to go to the Melting Pot like I wanted my funds were looking low, but fear not I will make it before the new year.

Ok this is called the xyz @ the aloft hotel in Downtown Tallahassee. It was nice but no one was there and I was hungry and didn't know where and how to get food.

So we took a few pics of the place cause it was very nice and then we left.

Lacacia and I went to One on One next. I have been there so I suggested that I go. He it's my Birthday why not!This is a tapas bar in Tallahassee.
The Food was so good I suggest if you ever in Tallahassee go the One on One.
This is the chessey grit cake and shrimp. Ummmm my favorite.

Some teriyki glazed chicken fingers( I think) and some sweet potato frieds

This is the stuff mushrooms I love this one too!
Lacacia had the crab cake. She said it was very good

Of course some candy smelling drink. I don't drink much so I took about 4 sips of this and order water and a sweet tea. If you drink you might like this. Who am I kidding I don't even know what this is but it tasted fine.

All and all a great night !!!!!!!!