Tuesday, June 30, 2009

God Inspired Words from Ms. Joy

These words really touched me. My friend foureightytwo sends me these words from her friend Ms. Joy at least once a week or once every two weeks. I think God has blessed her with a tremendous talent. Jesus is definatly speaking through her.

Words From Ms. Joy

"In the last few months I have noticed a good deal of people moving. Some are moving to another building in the apartment, some are moving out of the apartments and others are moving out of state. It became apparent that God was trying to show me something so that I could also share it with you. Then earlier this week my mother felt that God wanted us( God's people) to hear a direct order to NOT MOVE. I began to think on this and thought well He could be referring to people moving out of their residence, out of their careers, out of relationships, decisions that have been made, or their self driven dreams. I believe its all of the above....wouldn't you agree. I mean think about your current position right now. Is there something you want to just give up on and MOVE away from? But your selfish desires won't let you move? What about those of us who were told to go one way by God and its hard to stay there after having made the decision to obey. Even the situations when your patience is running thin and your stress level is increasing by the day because the home or position you are in now is causing you more problems then their worth.
What could be in store for you if you just hold on and NOT MOVE before God tells you too? What could happen if you did not jump back into matters of the past and chose to let go and let God.
Wouldn't it be a slap in the face if you moved on your own and then God showed you what He had in store for you if you would have just trusted him. Think about Job when every problem was coming at him it seemed like it would make sense for Job to waiver and move away from his faith and trust in God, right? WRONG! Job knew that he could NOT predict the future and even in those trying and tempting moments when even his wife was trying to move him away from God that he knew he had to hold on. Because his life was no longer his but God's.
Don't you want to make it to the end of your personal story book? You know the part when God shows you that your faithfulness paid off. When God begins to open doors that you thought could never be opened because of your past. When fear overwhelms you and God reminds you of what Moses told the Israelites in Deut. 31:6, " Do not be afraid or terrified...for the Lord goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you." The decision to NOT move can sometimes put you on the edge of the fence because you spend too much time looking at yourself, the issues and the symptoms but God wants you to keep your eyes on Him so he can pull you through. Take it from Paul in the Bible when he says:
"And so, one thing I do. I forget what happened yesterday, and I keep my eyes on what is ahead. I press on to win the prize that God is keeping for me - and that is to share in an everlasting life overflowing with love and happiness with Jesus."
Moving or remaining in your comfort zone just isn't worth missing out on your blessings.
Fear can cause a great deal of us to want to move before the Lord clears the path. Fear can cause each of us to stumble back into our past before God finishes restoring our future. Fear can cause YOU to miss out on your blessing because as my daddy often says "you allowed Satan to push instead of God to lead. Fear is simply False Evidence Appearing Real and your Ego ( Edging God Out) keeps you entangled in fear."
Not knowing is hard which is why building your faith is a constant need in each of our lives. Its easy to think we know ALL the answers instead of trusting and committing ALL our ways to Him. Don't move out of your destiny all because you think you have a better plan. Let Christ do the rearranging, moving and leading while you just remain still and know that He is God ( which makes Him omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent in every aspect of your life).
Pride comes before the wrong move,
Ms. Joy "

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New York New York

I just came back from New York and I had a blast! so I am just going to post some pics. Enjoy

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Other Talented Photographers

Just surfing blogs like I usually do( I promise I am doing work) I found some not local, but really good photographers that inspired me. Being a photographer I really enjoy looking at other photographer's work to admire and get ideas and to be inspired. It's encouraging ! These women photographers below are phenomenal and I enjoy visiting there sites and admiring the art they produce. So with out further adieu
We have Sweet Monday Photography.

Sweet Monday is a team that consist of two best friends that love photography and people. There images are soft and beautiful. They capture the pure essence of the moment. I really enjoyed their images.We have Heather Waraksa Photography

Heather Waraksa is a photographer based out of Brooklyn, New York. I really like her journalistic style. It's really a fun and funky look through her eyes.

I think all photographers mention will travel , but I am not sure how far out of their area they would be willing to go. Check out the websites for more info

Crafts Dreams

I love craftsters.org. Its a place where you can see people that enjoy what every craft they like and they post there creations. A good place to for inspiration and encouragement. I was blown away by this craftster she reconstructed so many shirts and pants, and did a great job. Now I want all those clothes that I can't wear and don't wear to become something new.( They are in a big box waiting for me to transform them) Check her out and give her feed back she is awesome. To find more postings by 6iggle you have to go to craftsters Below are images of a gray shirt she reconstructed click the link to see the rest of her clothing items.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Oh my! Look at that RING

Artist here. This one is a little strange but I like it a lot.

artist here This one is simple and beautiful.

I am always looking at wedding blogs. They are just an awesome source of information. It's more then just wedding stuff and of course love the photography and the photographers they blog about.
Now when ever I get married I will definitely use some of there ideas. Some couples are getting like fake rings and buying new ones later or being engaged with out a ring and just have bands.(My cousin and his wife did that) So I was like great that sounds like something right up my ally. But if my baby knows me like I think he will get me a different artistic engagement ring, like something from an local artist, or etsy or artfire. Since I don't really wear rings I don't want something crazy expensive the band is all I care about anyway. So here are some rings I saw on etsy ( not saying I want these just something to think about. )This one I like the colors and the chaotic elegance about it.
Artist here

Artist Here. I think this is just cool looking

I was also looking at zeals and he could just get me a promise ring I think I saw one for pretty decent price. He doesn't have to spend tons of money to let me know he wants me to be his wife it just have to be cool looking and doesn't have to be every one's idea of what a ring should look like. So here are the ones I like:
I think this ring is beautiful and not expensive .

This ring is pretty nice too and even less expensive.

Cinnamon Roll Love!!

Image from here

Image from here

Image from here
Yummy Yummy in my tummy. Ohhhhh how I have been jonesing for some cinnamon roll, but not just any cinnamon rolls, but made from scratch Cinnamon roll. I thought my mother and I were going to make some last December, but at last we did not. I am still going to do this, I have found several recipes so it's just time to bake. I am going to do this before the summer is out.Well just in case anyone else is wanting to make there own here are some links. I haven't tried them myself so let me know if you like a specific one. Enjoy!!! Image from here
Image From here
Alton Brown
Ninety Minute
All Recipe 1
Martha Stewart
My Recipe

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just thinking Ummm

Image from here
I was just think of things that I love. Those things in life that make you stop and appreciate being alive. For me some of those things are:

1. Sitting on a porch while it's raining. I live in the south and it's something about the rain. I would sit in the house and watch the rain. Peace.

2.Getting out of the car late at night and noticing it's a clear night and every star in the sky is out. Sometimes I just stop and stare.

3. Having a good conversation with an old friend.

4. Family Reunions. Grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, and sausages. Talking to my cousins I haven't seen in years. I love seeing older cousins they have great stories.

5.Talking to my Grandma. She is so cool and I love spending time with her.

6. Walking around after it rains.

7. When a friend and I can laugh so hard at a joke that would only be funny to us. My boyfriend and I have so many.

(KISJ) Simplicity 2692

I have been working on several outfits and have promised my self not to start on another out fit until I have finished the ones I have in progress or the ones I have already cut pieces for. Let me think I have five different items that I need to finish. Two of them need I eye hooks and they would be done( I have worn them anyway. I couldn't wait had to test drive them) One needs a zipper( Zippers give me so much trouble, I will conqueror them !) The other two I just cut pieces for. Two Items are the Vogue high waisted skirt(V8425) , two of them are simplicity 2692, on with the one shoulder and the other with two and the last on is the McCall dress(M5425), I made in green. Well here are pics from Simplicity dress one( pattern 2692)
Ok this pattern was great but of course I always do something crazy to make it not work. I made the dress like two months ago I have not put the zipper in until now. So upon zipping it up the first time I notice that the side with out the shoulder was too low. I was ummmmmm I really have a wardrobe malfunction. But I am stubborn I made it so I am wearing it. So here is the solution. It worked just need a different color next time. Some might have thought it was weird. I don't really care I liked it and I had lots of fun in it. Next different color tank (brown or beige) I think it would match up better

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hellllooooooo New York!!!!

I am really excited. I am going to New York. I know I know so what right. Well I have never been before and I am just geeked. My homie from SCAD is getting married and it's going to be awesome. Can't Wait.

Image is from (here)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hey sis! Simplicity 2981

Here is a dress I made for my sister before she left Florida with her husband. They have started their adventure together in San Antonio, Texas. Have fun! Bring me something back. This Dress pattern is Simplicity 2981 and I love it. It looked great on her and of course I made her matching tote . I made it wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. It was tons of fun to make and now Godets are my best friend.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gocco What ?

Of course I am reading blogs obsessively until the athletic events pick back up in August at my job( I am doing work I promise). Then I will be out of the office a lot being a photographer of course. Well anyways one of my new favorite blogs now ( It's a wedding blog, I just really enjoy reading them.) Well this one is called We met in a bar, she is getting married in July and she started her blog when she got engaged last year. Going through her old post are a joy. She is a graphic designer and makes invitations and has made her own for her wedding. Now to the point she mention some screens called Gocco, I have never heard of them. If I can describe it, they are consumer friendly screen prints. Now I have to try them. I am not sure how to decide it as this if you have ever done any screen printing you know the arduous task of coating a screen all the way to exposing. So if you are just going to print small stuff like paper goods and maybe totes and shirts this these Gocco screens are good for that you can use a laser printer to expose your screen and everything doesn't have to be light sensitive. I am sure there are some cons to this but I will have to try to let you know. So when I get some screens we are going to do some experiments. On We met at a bar she got her screens from papersource. These are pic from papersource of what the screens look like. Four eight two this one is for you girl. (I will still screen print) Here are some links to explain : How to use the Print Gocco the picture at the top shows the begining of the process. Gocco process

Monday, June 8, 2009

Everyone rocks maxi dress in 09'

This is from Krustallos Blog. This is the one she did last year, but is the same style she is working on right now. She is so enlighten I love reading her blog.

From Erica B Blog. I just love her blog so inspiring. Every time I visit I get the energy boost I need to keep sewing and getting better.

From Miss Celie' s blog. She is so awesome with the best info. I love seeing the great opportunities she shares with other people and places she gets to go as well as the cool fabric stores she visits.

I must say that I have been visiting my favorite blogs today and it seems everyone is rocking the simplicity 3503. There's look so awesome. Can't wait to get my skills tight like that.

Making a difference in Tallahassee!!!!!!!!!

I met a wonder Couple on Friday. The run a center called the "Character Center". There goal is to help kids in school,encourage them give them confidence and just help them to become well rounded adults. It is a academic based after school program. Check them out!

Image from Here

Making Simplicity 3503

Erica B oh how I have been inspired. I see that she has made an awesome maxi dress using simplicity 3503. She looks great. I love this pattern because I made my cousin wife a dress from this pattern for their romantic getaway. She like it I even made a clutch to go with it but I forgot to photograph that as they forgot to photograph the moment she wore it. I must admit I could have done better job it was on of my first time working with that material and sewing clothes. This was my second outfit the worked out ok since I been in town. It was finished in April. So I think I have been getting better as I keep making clothes. Well that's how it goes.

Oh those tallahasse Photographers!!

The Gallery Hop was amazing I just can not stop talking about the good time that I had. I met some amazing local artist. So lets recognized some more local photographers. Art By : James Mazza
First we have James Mazza, he is a wonderful photographer, but he also takes it a step further and creates these wonderful photo colleges. They are simply beautiful and they take you past the obvious world in front of you. It opens your mind to possibilities that lie within a photography. Some really good stuff. The image above is one of his art pieces.

Adeleke Omitowoju is another really fabulous photographer that I met at the Gallery Hop. Some of his images look like paintings. You had to get really close to be sure that they were photographs. From his photos you can tell that he has traveled a lot. That's great! I would love the opportunity to travel and take photographs all around the world. Check out his work it's really a nice a look at a journalism style of shooting. He also has a clothing line too 3rd eye clothing line.

Photographed by : Adam VL Taylor

The other photographer I did not meet at the Gallery Hop but heard about his work through a coworker. I checked out his images on his my space page. The images are edgy and stylize and I think they are awesome. I wish I could I shoot like that. May be I will be inspired to try, but is his work is very very nice his name Adam VL Taylor. Check it out. Above is one of his images.
I saw an image from my co worker's photo shoot and I was really blown away.