Thursday, July 29, 2010

Girl Baking in Converse!!!

Soooooooooo My little homie that I take to first friday's here in Tallahassee has decide to get her hustle on and start selling her made from scratch baked goods. I bought some the other day....Can I say delish!!
So these are chocolate cupcakes with marshmellow fondant ( She made herself) with buttercream icing( She made an colored herself.)
So these are Jem cupcakes for me, I kinda forgot to tell her I was giving some of them to another girl for her birthday, by the way the girl loved them and her mother.

Goodies Eatery!!!!!!!

This is what I always get It is soooooo yummy
Ok, I must say I have been over doing it with the salads for the past two weeks. I have been going to Goodies Eatery Downtown Tallahassee for like almost two weeks straight it's so bad they know what I like with out me ordering. I can't help it I love it so much it's so good. Actually I just get salad, but they have soooooo many other good things there so don't let my salad affection deter you from the other delicious food there.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Two Strand Twist/ Twist Out

So My second time with a successful Twist out. I am so excited. I had my hair in two strand twist for three weeks. I did them right before going to Paris. This monday that just past I decided to twist out. I think it's been going pretty well.

Friday, July 23, 2010


So my homegirl had her GRAND OPENING of her CAKE Shop. Yea and Yummy at the same time. I love her cup cakes and cakes. The Girl's Got skills. Bite of Your Life is a wonderful shop and Liz and suga mama are going places.... Ahhhhhhhhh I can't wait for more great things from them.

Oh these are one of my favorites, pink lemonade cupcakes Soooooooooooo good.

Monday, July 19, 2010

CupCake Wars

As it is know to some and not know to a few, it is a fact that I love, just love, watching the Food network.
I like most things on there, like the Food network Challenges.  I like it when they make it the cake challenges the most, but I will watch all of them. Some new shows have arrived like Chef vs. City  and Cupcake Wars... Ok I thought it was dumb before but I am so loving it now. They have always have an event that they are trying to display their cupcakes. I was laughing because the episode I just saw( Which I have seen like a bunch of times) had four contestants( Well it's always four) and One of the contestants was like being a cupcake snob. I was like for real. Telling the other contestants that they dont' have good icing techiques and picking on the girl who make organic cupcakes and his little assistant being way too snobbish about some cupcakes. Guess what his cupcukes were the first to go. He mean cupcake man take

Image found here

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Trip to Paris

So Much to say. I went to Paris France for almost two weeks. My aunt wanted to take my sister and I, along with my best homie out of the country for my little sister's birthday. I had a great time. I just looooooooove my little sis. Well some much to say.... I think I will let the pics tell the story.

This is the Eiffel tower, of course. I took this picture when we were on the hop on hop off bus. This is a double decker bus that tours Paris, It's like a two hour tour. It stops near various places and you can get on and off. It comes like ever 10 mins. Sweet!
This is me in the louvre. Score! I love this museum. I am next to these porcelin plates that were hand painted.
This is just one part of napolian apartment. It was soooooo big and beautiful.

Yeah, Fibers. Tapestry

Yes That painting is really that big. I felt bad for not remembering all of my art history. I did recall seeing some of the paintings in my art history books.

FAMOUS Painting! Who I have seen it several times and use to know who it was .
Mona Lisa and Janine.

Our lunch at the Eiffel tower. We also ate there for my sister's b-day. Maybe Rome next year for your day sis. ummmmmmmm think about it.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


So I am very sorry about being MIA once again, but I just go back into the country from my trip to Paris. Soooooooooo of course I have pleanty to post about, I just wanted to stop in and say hey