Monday, November 1, 2010


This is Allied Health. So On Wednesday they judge all the decorated Buildings and Allied Health always does a good job.

Convocation. It was so good this year. The speaker was pretty good, they had some young boys about 7-13 present our president with a poster and they got the crowd all hype up.
My Dad and Sister at the game.
The hundred of course. So the game was full of Shenanigans. First during the first Half they decide to do like presentations in between Time outs and Quarters. So they were presenting on award and the referee just start blowing his whistle and going crazy. lol The second quarter was about to start and they were still on the field as they begin to hike the ball. ( Hilarious) 2). So then The Hundred is about the perform and they asked them to restart the clock and were totally ignored. Then When the conductor Dr White was about to get on his later to direct the band they tell the band to stop( clock is still going ) call him off and try to present award to him. So he has to get off the latter ( mind you, His arm is in a sling and he is on the opposite side of the field) and runs to get the award and the band just starts anyway. Hey they have to be off the field before half time is over or we get fined. We don't have time for this. ( Also Hilarious, but a little annoying and Sad). Next the after halftime the band is usually doing the finale of there performance the football teams are on the field in the end zone and the announcer tells the football team the Hundred needs the end zone ( WHAT! REALLY! LOL It's the football team) They moved and started Jammin with "The Hundred", then the referees got the state troopers to move The Hundred off of the field ( WHAT! FOR REAL! It's homecoming, But hey they don't care).

Well this is all that remains in Tallahassee of "The Crew" we will see what happens next year"

This weekend was crazy! FAMU Homecoming! YES it's like this every year. Vendors selling everything hhahahha even shea butter and African Black soap. There is a party going on everyday during the week and the weekend, whew you better just be safe because the cops are roaming as well as the outrageous party goers. Well I was working on Friday so I didn't get to see my cousin and his fiancee and go to the family party.. sigh* They had all kinds of food and every last family member was there but I did enjoy the game and the vendors, as for partying.... ummmm not a hard core party girl. Sorry. My little sister was in town and I know she had fun. Well Homecoming 2010 is over and now we have to clean up the city, clean up the campus and tell Tallahassee Police Department they don't have to have every cop on duty all week. It's time for Florida State Homecoming and hadn't seen a cop yet.

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