Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Minority Enterprise Deveopment

So all last week I attended this conference called Minority Enterprise Development, also cutely named "MED" Week. This Federal Agency promotes the growth of minority business. Click here to find out more about the agency and there might one in your town. Apparently from what I found out they hold a conference on week out of the year( If I am wrong just let me know)
This was like a conference for networking among Minority Business owners in Tallahassee, for the politicians to campaign a little, knowledge and information that would be helpful to just anyone who wanted to attend. It was interesting and very informative. I was unaware of this kind of it's impact in our community. I had a great time and learn a whole lot. So here is the link again so you can check it out. Hey get involved with your community they could doing some cool things that might concern you! http://www.mbda.gov/

Some important people in Leon County.
This was the first event on Monday. They had a reception for anyone who wanted to come and that own a business. It was hosted by Pinnacle Construction Support Group. They are some good people. This was a networking gathering. My aunt was on of the presenters and gave a workshop the following day. Wow can I tell you I met so many people that had interesting businesses right here in town.
I had to rush home and change into something suitable for meeting important people of the great city of Tallahassee. Can I tell you by the end of the reception my feet hurt so bad . Thank God I had the Flats in the car. Marc did some great networking for 4quartersonline.
Ok Tuesday. Was great filled full of good information in all the workshops. My aunt was on of the presenters. She did quite well. She talked about obtaining and writing grants for your non-profit. She has her own non profit in the ATL.
There she is receiving her award.
Wednesday was the last day and they had a luncheon for networking and to end the conference.

I didn't get to stay for the Keynote speaker who I heard was awesome. Ahhhhhhh maybe I will find her online.
End to a great conference maybe I can get more involved next time. Whoop Whoop 2011 !

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