Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sunset Clouds

I meant to post this yesterday. It was raining the first two days in this week. So the clouds we roaming the skies for a while, but at sun set they look soooooo cool.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hair Weekend

Hair for the week. So I have rocked three hair styles in the past 4 days whats wrong with me. So check me out
My coil out! I coiled my hair about 2 weeks ago and then last week I took them out and continued to rock the coil out until Saturday. I could not take it any more it was time. I had to attend a funeral and could not go looking like that. In this pic look fine but it went down hill from there.
Bantu Knots for the funeral on Saturday.Very sad time, but It will be ok.
So sunday Straight up blow out... This is the first time I actually like it. It is humid here so it shrunk a little, but I think it looks pretty good.

Dare To Dream Fashion Workshop

So of course a friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful afterschool program for Girls. It's called Dare to Dream academy for Girls. The Age ranges are from 5-16. This is an awesome place where younger girls can get mentored, tutored, pick up skills and be exposed to everything imaginable about being a girl. High on education and exposing young girls to different cultures, people places and things. Wonderful place! This non-profit organization is ran by Mrs. Kimoyln Ferrell. She is awesome! She is smart and full of so many ideas, I am not sure how she does it all. She has given me an opportunity to share my talents in the Fiber Arts. I am elated that she thinks I would be a help to her. She is helping me out. It is a Fashion Class on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month. So I do a workshop on what every my mind can think of and those that know me it 's alot. So I did my first workshop 2 Saturdays ago( I know late post sorry) I had them do some Tye-Dyeing and screen printing. I must say I was quite impressed. These girls were talented and caught on a lot faster then I thought and I think they enjoyed themselves. I hope they learned something. I learned from them what i could do better next time but a working progress for me. Thanks Kim!

Yes I though this was great good job Andika
Keke awesome job
I had them do some painting and submersion to give them some range of design and so it would look like something they would want to wear.
We also did some screen printing Techniques with stencils. We also had some puff paint. The girls did a great job.
Oh yes I worked right along with them. I think they were excited because I was so excited.
Alexandria and Bird were working away but there parents came so they could not finish, but a great job non the less
The beatiful creations of Jasmine and Chloe
Get it girls!Yes I have been rocking my shirt like nobody's business!

EARRing Love

These are from Rachel stewart. These are bleached feather earrings I just love these
These are the special little gifts she puts in some of her deliveries. Can I say they are great I get lots of complements on the little gifts. Thanks Rachel.
Oh and the break out star Tasha Prescott collection .

So I have ordered earrings from Rachel Stewart before and you know I just love her stuff. WhooooHoooo I got some more of her fabulous jewelery. Now I have a new artist that I also like, She is a photographer I think I have written about her some where on my blog., but she has collaborated with this awesome artist to make a collection of earrings. Her name is Tasha Prescott. Ooooooo Joy! You don't know how excited I got when I got Tasha's package and then the next day Rachel's arrive I almost jumped out of my skin.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hair Time

So I have been working the hair styles again. So check me out

Ok this isn't me but doesn't her hair look fly
Beautiful week and half coils
Those darn spaces I think I my hair is just like that. Oh well !
First day of my coils. After Labor Day!
This is me with the bantu knots. I was suppose to take them out but left my Pick at home. Trust me they need to come out. But I still rocked it like it was the best thing ever.


Me and my Fly girl necklace and my shirt from paris and my pzi jeans and my favorite earrings my home girl gave me. Yes I had a good time
Here is the birthday girl looking Fly
This is the one that made me laugh and blush. It's way to vulgar to post the video :) sorry you will have to use your imagination. I was sooooooo not ready for this either.

Yes I know this is late, but hey.... it's my blog heheheh. My home girls' birthday was like 2 weeks ago and even though it was the first start of the season I tried to do as much stuff with her as possible. She celebrated Thurday Friday and Saturday. I was only able to make it Thurday( her birthday was Friday, Bad Friend I know I know) So we went to Aman Ra's on Thursday for Spoken word. It was awesome. Even though some of the poetry made me blush a little I was still diggin it! Will have to go back again. Maybe I will get up and speak.... ummmm

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Take Advice

I know I have been tripping. Sorry about the lack of post for the past two week. Football season has gotten me overwhelmed and other projects I have taken on this year. None the less God is good and I will still be posting. So I stop by to make at least on post in September. This is one of my daily scriptures from Christnotes and I just want to say thank you God this will be applied. Sometimes I need to be aware. Enjoy! I hope this helps and inspires some one today.

Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.
Proverbs 13:10 (New International Version)