Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Sunday was great! My Godson had his Taekwondo Party I had so much fun and my home girl her birthday dinner and it was awesome. The funny thing about it both of their birthdays are a day apart in September.

My sweetie turned 5 and this his Toy story Cake
Yes that sword is real. No I was not cutting by himself
My Sweetie!!!
Bestest buddy for like 17 years. Ahhhhhhh Friendships worth having.
So we went to bonefish Grill for my Home Girls birthday bash and can I say this was the bomb. It was sooo good. Longfin fish stuffed with shrimp scallops and cheese with french green beans umhum good.
My homie, my cousin and their friend. I don't remember her name but she was hilarious. Cool chick

Happy Birthday Netta. The whole crew will be together soon.

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