Tuesday, October 5, 2010


" I'm so glad I'm from FAMU. I'm so glad I from FAMU. I'm so glad I from FAMU. Singing Glory Hallelujah I'm from FAMU" So yes I am a FAMU Alumni and I work there and the Rattlers had there first home game of the season against South Carolina State. This was the team that beat us last year and causes us not to be in the MEAC championships ( I hope that info is correct, if not leave a comment and correct me) So we were ready. Nope! We lost and it was sad. They beat us by 3 field goals and touchdown. All I have to say is great job Defense and we need to do better Offense. ( For Real)

Even though we lost the band did show out even though S.C. State band was totally biting. I love all HBCU's but I did feel a certain kinda way about them calling themselves the marching 101. sigh
Why were there so many of these I got hit with a bunch these. Aren't they are suppose to die in the fall. yuck!

They did a tribute to the late Dr. William P Foster. He is responsible for changing how the HBCU Bands did their have time show and how band were viewed. All HBCU's were influenced by him when you look at what they all do now it's because of him. Just about everyone HBCU Band has a member of the Marching 100 somewhere around there.
Hey I just though this was cool.

If you never hear the Marching 100 check it out, but they are all over You Tube if you want to hear some of the best stuff. I love it