Thursday, May 28, 2009

A dress kinda Day

I love the off the shoulder look

I am really into the tube top dresses also.

You know I have been really into dress since I been sewing and the summer is the perfect time for a couple of good dresses. My favorite place to visit for some good ideas is Cashe, their dresses are simply wonderful. and if I can't buy them I can sure try to make them.

I would like to make jumper, but I thought that it would be outdated until I saw the one at Cashe, it was sleek and fashionable. Then I realized I had a pattern for a jumper. Hooray!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thoughts of Randomness

Image on the Quilting Patch Website
You know what I am so missing the That's sew Live blog. Mrs. Lovely where are you. I enjoyed your explorations in sewing and a peak in to your life. I thought you were so live. I told other about your blog and how much info you had and how you and EricaB have inspired me to keep sewing even though I am an advance beginning( words quoted from Mrs. Lovely) If you are out their come back. I need my sewing blogs. Hope the baby is bringing you unspeakable joy. Erica B don't leave ok( that is another one of my favorites).
image from here
My buddy has just moved from Savannah, GA to Charlotte, NC( Ahhhhhhh my dream city)and we are playing the longest game of phone tag. I miss here maybe I will catch her tonight. If she finds this blog. Love Yaimage from here

I live in Tallahassee and love sewing now so when I was in Savannah there were plenty of place to get all types of fabric, notions and other assosories. In Tallahassee Jo Anns is the only place to get all of that. There are other places but they are small and don't sell things like zippers and different types of Fabrics. So it's really frustrating when I need something like a brown 12-14in zipper and can not find one in this whole town. Now Jo Ann is really stepping up with selling fabrics like Stretch Cotton Sateen, but I really just want a zipper in the color that I need when I need it. UHHHHHHHHHHHHH I do like the Berinia Connection, because they have emboridery machines and amy butler fabric( ooooooooh I love amy butler fabric). I enjoy the quilting patch because they have a good quality selection of cotton fabrics so does the bernia store, but there selection is limited. It's an upolistry store call Decortive Tallahassee and you know they have mostly heavy weight cottons. Where is a handcock fabric store when you need one. I guess I will be ordering the little stuff online now.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beautiful Artist

Four eighty two is a wonderful blog. My homegirl just started it but I can already tell it's going to be awesome. Here is an ode to her. She is a wonderful artist. I don't have any current stuff but here is some of her work. To see current work check out her blog

Oh and Those Photographers

I love just looking at wedding photography. Being a photographer myself I just love love love excellent photography. I love looking on to one of my favorite blogs, Style me pretty, I actually found the blog through my friends blog lovey dovey design. Style me pretty has everything wedding and it helps me find photographers in other cities and states that I would not other wise know about . I Love Photography and love looking at good photographers so here are some that I have found that I just enjoy looking at their work.
Christopher Record is a photographer I found today and I am taken back with the images he produces. ( This logo is from his site) They are simply breath taken. I will put him on the list of the wedding photographers that I think are absolutely talented.

Russell Martin Photography Russell Martin Also has some beautiful images I found this his site from the wedding and I was glad I found him. He is in Florida and I like finding local (state) photographers.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Oh yeah this morning when I woke up I was watching Joel Osteen while in the hotel in Orlando and after it went off I was channel surfing and landed on the news and there was my buddy Ben a meteorologist at the Orlando station. Even though he didn't know I was watching I was proud to see him so HEY BUDDY GLAD TO SEE YOU ARE DOING WELL. KEEP IT UP!

Beautiful decor

Weekend Weddings

I was in Orlando this weekend for my homegirl's wedding. I had a blast! It was very well planned out and everything from their video, photographs and decor was very beautiful. The Embassy Suites in downtown Orlando was fabulous everything was top notch. If I had some event going on in Orlando the Embassy suites would be my first choice. I enjoyed myself and was very happy to see her so beautiful and in love with her husband. I know they are going to have a wonderful life together. I also had the bomb room at the Crowne plaza in down town Orlando. I booked it at a low price on
The weekend before, another one of my homegirl's had gotten married . Well they both, the bride and groom are homies of mine. I was so over joyed. It's been a long time and I am glad to see them tie the knot.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

High School football is the best

Oh I forgot how much I love high school football. I am a photographer for and I was photographing one of the local high school jamborees. I loved every minute of it until it starting raining cats and dogs and I had to make haste to put my equipment away. My old high School dominated the jamboree. Amos P. Godby Oh yeah. If you want up dates you can check on Leon High and Wakulla high played good games also so GOOD JOB Guys! Boy I can not wait until fall!

MEAC Champs

We are the champions! (of the MEAC Championship) Check out the articles!!!
We didn't quite make it pass the first game of the NCAA Championship, but I love them and they did great.

FAMU Softball

Oh how I love Softball. Just think how excited I was to see on ESPN U the scores of the FAMU softball team letting me know they were heading for the MEAC (Mid-Eastern Atlantic Conference) championship. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I am not really sure what happen so I hope they are winning but you can check it out too.FAMU ATHLETICS and MEAC SPORTS

Sewing Therapy Results

This is one of my therapy session that went alright. Some days, it was a struggle and I was very frustrated( working with cotton interlock was very challenging) but we worked through it( I think I am going to start praying while I sew). We finished and this was the result.Wow that therapy session worked out great. I still think that it needs some work but I am still pretty happy with it. Also that purse was my first Amy Butler pattern and I think it came out pretty good too. I have another session coming up soon. Oh yeah let me tell you about this dress. The fabric I used was a cotton interlock I got from Jo ann Fabric and some poly stretch material I have had it for a while and the pattern was Simplicity pattern 4577.
I like this pattern it was fairly easy. This is actually my second time at the bodice, the first bodice didn't work out so well.(I'll post it so you can be the judge.) I think I'll get better and probably make this dress again in white. And the therapy continues. Thanks God for listening!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sewing Therapy

I am really starting to enjoy sewing a whole lot now that I am out of school. It's really been my saving grace when I come home from work. I enjoy going to sewing blogs and reading how to get better at it. I start sewing when I am frustrated, down and out and out or when I need some alone time when everything seems a little chaotic. I really just started sewing only a year ago so I am still learning. I just know it is very therapeutic. Oh yeah just throwing this out. One of my favorite blogs is so gone. Thatsewlive where are you. Your blog was one of my favorites.

In the Begining

I have arrived.