Wednesday, November 24, 2010


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Some one posted this on Facebook today, just thought I would share.

Thankful that Jesus called me out. My past was dark but my future is bright. Still pressing. Acts 2:38

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Enjoying my Saturday

Saturday was a good day! So I chilled out most of the morning, I was really tired from the game from the night before, hahahhaha I still haven't put those pics up ummmm I might do that after this post. So I went to my all time favorite place , Panera Bread, ( Yes I am in love with this place).Then after this most awesome lunch I spent the rest day with my very cute very smart for 5 years old godson. Ummm can I say Little kids especially this one have loads of energy. I actually think I was sore on Sunday from running around on the play ground with him. We were there for like 3 hours and he only want to play with me. hahahahah I was glad I was able to go down the slides with him. So after that we went to my house so I can do his hair, but I felt bad because he wanted to play with a toy car or train or something and I had none, there are no kids that live my house. Next time we will pack some of his toys. But I had soooooooo much Fun!!!! So until next time.

My favorite pic.
Ain't he cute( For you homie yes I am sending you all the pics I took just incase you see this before I send them)

Ok these cookies are ummmmmmmmm yummy yummmy so so serious

Oh how I love two strand twist!

So the hair Journey continues, I just got tired of it the other week and just decided to take the time and hook my self up with ( my favorite) two strand twist. It was funny though because it took me three days ( I got tired when I got to the back) to do it and no one really notice that I had half Bantu knots and half twist, hahahah or they really didn't care. Well for the winter I want Yarn braids or genie locs so ummm this should be good I will keep you up dated on how it goes.

This is actually the finished look all the way around my head.
Yeah this was what was going on in the back. Why it took so long I just don't know, The front didn't take that long at all.
Yes I really was looking like this for like 2 days.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I just Love FoodBlogs and cooking!

This post is for my Homie ( and you know you are) So I love Food blogs and have a host of recipes I have used from them. So I am going to post the blogs here so you can check out there wonderful blogs. I get so excited about Food and inspired with the photography on the pages sometimes so I will put some of the recipes if I can find the where exactly I first found them. So homie here is some of my stash I hope you have fun cooking like I have. Love ya!!!

Martha Stewart! Need I say more. I have gotten a whole lot of good recipes and (whispering " only a few I didn't like)
Chicken Piccata ( I make mine a little different then the recipe but it's only because of the chef I use to work with)
Sesame Orange Shrimp ( I haven't tried his one yet)
Spicy Shrimp and Tomato Sauce ( This is one of my Favorites)
Linguine with Shrimp and a White Wine Sauce ( I made this one the other day it was faboulous)
My Tartelette is a beautiful blog. If you like different types of food like goat cheese and french food you would enjoy it a lot, even if not it has interesting recipies and beautiful photography. Also on here blog she has like so many other food blogs you can visit to click here to see that page. I haven't used any of the recipes from this blog but I will. I love it and can't wait to make time to make some of her recipes.
Watermelon and Honeydew Sorbets with Lemongrass Sauce ( Is it wrong that I want to try this its sounds so good)

Butter Flour Sugar This site hasn't been up dated in a minute but there are some great recipes in previous post to check out.
Raspberry Marshmallow ( sounds good to me)
Churros ( Sounds good to me )
Joy the Baker is an awesome website I have made several items from her blog. I just love almost everything she puts up Ooooooo wee.
Shrimp and Grits( Yummy)
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes ( OMG this is one of the best chocolate cupcakes I have had. I think she has another one on her some where on her blog)
Berry Meyer Lemon Pancakes( I haven't had the opportunity to try it but it's on my to do list)
Chocolate Peppermint Sandwich Cookies ( Yes I made these and they were wonderful I didn't use a peppermint filling I just used powder sugar, heavy cream and vanilla extract yummy )
Honey Whole Wheat Pound Cake (This sounds awesome I think I might want to try this this weekend.)

Satisfied, This is a new blog that I discovered like 3 weeks ago and have been lovin it ever since. I have gotten some cool recipes off of this blog that I am going to try.
Pork Chops and Capers ( Ummm I don't eat pork chops really, but this sounded great)
Churros ( This sounds so good too!)
Simple potatoes ( Hey sometimes the best things are so simple)

Oh Steamy Kitchen is great i just found this on too!
Roasted Cauliflower with Bacon and Garlic ( Ok This sounds too good to me for real!)
Bake Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings ( need I say more)
Warm Spinach Mascarpone ( Whaaaaaa you know that;s good)
La Bella Cook, I just found this one too!
Yes Love and olive oil, This one is awesome! She has recipes and all her travels. Ooooooooo yeah

Well there are obviously more Food blogs to find so if any one finds some cool ones just leave a comment. I will keep ya updated on more foods I try. To be continued....

Gala Hair

Yes this is me and Best Friend after the gala

So I just realized I didn't post my gala hair photos. Well I wasn't really happy with the second time I did them and that day was such a rush I though I look crazy, but none the less here they go... I did have fun though I shot over 1000 images whew! (Thanks Black Onyx) Pastor really enjoyed himself and was very appreciative. It's good to see people show there appreciation for the man of God in this might way.

I am in Cupcake Love

Ok so on Tuesday I went up to my home girls bakery, Bite of your Life and she was introducing her cupcake bar. Think of it more a cupcake artist though. I pick a giant cupcake, icing, toppings, and a filling if I want. Oh my goodness! can I say I was in cupcake love sooooo good. I have been dreaming about ever since I had that cupcake. Her cupcakes are so moist um um ummmmm. Can't wait til pay day I going to get more. Hahahahah

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just Because

Just because I saw it!


I am so excited on Saturday I got Football wasted oh yeah!!!! I first I went to the FAMU vs. Hampton game at 3pm then went to the FSU vs. Clemson game and had the opportunity to be a photography at Doak Campbell stadium. I have never been to a FSU game let alone being on the field. My Brother and my Dad were watching from the stands and I was shooting on the field. ( Thanks Daddy!) This was such an exciting experience. Oh and I didn't have to worry about my settings (for those photo geeks like myself lol) The lights were the best ever. I was in lighting heaven. Ahhhhhh

My lens was 70-200mm but I was so freakin close. Yea!
Me and all my credentials. Yeah that green thing says I can go anywhere and shoot on the field.

Hair Issues

So I have been having a hair catastrophe for the past week and a half. I could not get it together and I was way too tired to do anything to it. ugh! I just end up wearing a wrap for a week. I was so considering cutting it off I was so frustrated and the flakes the flakes and dry scalp Ugh! I am done complaining. This week is better.

Ok these were ok. They were my first ever flat twist success. Yea! They were so loose I had to take them out like a day later.
Hair growth. My Big afro is causing me some issues now. It won't lay right anymore every time I blow it out it looks like I didn't do a dang thang to my hair and when I try to shrink it down won't lay down tight anymore. Mounting frustrations.
Yea so I just rock this wrap for the remainder of the week. Jenelle's earrings did help me out ;)
Sigh* The journey continues....

Friday, November 12, 2010

Hey There Allen Cooley

Whew! It has been so busy for me. But I just wanted to stop in for a second. I was on Facebook and saw that on of my friends "like" this photographer in Atlanta. Now I have looked at his work and think he is awesome. Now I have "like" him on Facebook. Check out his website and his blog. His name is Allen Cooley.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pastor Appreciation 13 years

So it is pastor appreciation week at our church. I have not been about of this church very long but I see why people want to show there appreciation. He is so humble and kind. He said he is a county boy with country roots but he is so anointed. Wednesday Kicked off the first day of this appreciation. It was an amazing service. There was a mime performance and and the Choir always come with there best and a guest speaker who was there when they first started the church. Well it's more services Today and Tomorrow and a Gala on Saturday. The one I am trying to get my hair right for. I will be shooting all weekend again gotta love it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hair, Sewing and Voting

Yes I voted yesterday and tried out a different hair style.
Bantu Knots in the front and a twist out in the back.
I picked this out like an hour later.
Finished hemming this dress for my friend yesterday. One down many projects to go. sigh*


So I have been trying to come up with a style that might be fly for a gala I am working on Saturday. I wanted to make a dress for it also, but haven't had time. But I still have until Saturday, you never know what I might have time to do in between then. I love watching the natural hair You tube videos and channels, Check out my favorite ones here, I have learned how to style my hair, I learned about my hair, how to take care of my hair, products and products I can make for my hair. It's wonderful! I could not find any of this about 8 years ago when I did my big chop( at least that is what they call it now, I just got a hair cut). So this is great! Now I have been 2 years with out my dreads and I have learned more about natural hair care and styling then I ever knew in the 4 1/2 years I had dreads. Anyway back to the gala. I saw this Bantu knot extensions on Black Onyx you tube channel and was in love. Yesterday I attempted it. It turned out well. Soooo I am going to rock this for the rest of the week and redo it on Saturday. Click to view the Black Onyx video on the Bantu knots extensions Ummmmm Now what to wear

This is the beginning stages. Little afro puffs. My parting was ok. Hey it was my first time. I figured i wouldn't get perfection on the first try.
Star pattern was totally unintended
Lol the back of my head day I will be master. Right now I will have to work those squiggly line parts Hahahahah

Maybe if I actually followed Black Onyx instructions It wouldn't look so spacious.... hhahahaha well I learned. I still like it!
Oooooo can't wait to restyle for the gala.

Monday, November 1, 2010


This is Allied Health. So On Wednesday they judge all the decorated Buildings and Allied Health always does a good job.

Convocation. It was so good this year. The speaker was pretty good, they had some young boys about 7-13 present our president with a poster and they got the crowd all hype up.
My Dad and Sister at the game.
The hundred of course. So the game was full of Shenanigans. First during the first Half they decide to do like presentations in between Time outs and Quarters. So they were presenting on award and the referee just start blowing his whistle and going crazy. lol The second quarter was about to start and they were still on the field as they begin to hike the ball. ( Hilarious) 2). So then The Hundred is about the perform and they asked them to restart the clock and were totally ignored. Then When the conductor Dr White was about to get on his later to direct the band they tell the band to stop( clock is still going ) call him off and try to present award to him. So he has to get off the latter ( mind you, His arm is in a sling and he is on the opposite side of the field) and runs to get the award and the band just starts anyway. Hey they have to be off the field before half time is over or we get fined. We don't have time for this. ( Also Hilarious, but a little annoying and Sad). Next the after halftime the band is usually doing the finale of there performance the football teams are on the field in the end zone and the announcer tells the football team the Hundred needs the end zone ( WHAT! REALLY! LOL It's the football team) They moved and started Jammin with "The Hundred", then the referees got the state troopers to move The Hundred off of the field ( WHAT! FOR REAL! It's homecoming, But hey they don't care).

Well this is all that remains in Tallahassee of "The Crew" we will see what happens next year"

This weekend was crazy! FAMU Homecoming! YES it's like this every year. Vendors selling everything hhahahha even shea butter and African Black soap. There is a party going on everyday during the week and the weekend, whew you better just be safe because the cops are roaming as well as the outrageous party goers. Well I was working on Friday so I didn't get to see my cousin and his fiancee and go to the family party.. sigh* They had all kinds of food and every last family member was there but I did enjoy the game and the vendors, as for partying.... ummmm not a hard core party girl. Sorry. My little sister was in town and I know she had fun. Well Homecoming 2010 is over and now we have to clean up the city, clean up the campus and tell Tallahassee Police Department they don't have to have every cop on duty all week. It's time for Florida State Homecoming and hadn't seen a cop yet.