Monday, February 8, 2010

We returned to First Friday

Me and the girls

Wonderful hand made pottery. I have the artist card but am not sure of the name right now. We did buy an artist card by ummmmm I forget her name too but I have her card I will post it later.
This was fun. It was an instillation by the music department at FSU. You were suppose to throw coins at it to make music. We really like. But one of my girls just kept hitting the wood and not the strings. poor baby
This weird feather guitar ummmmmm is all I had to say.
Libby a wonderful musician we met.
This is was the theme for the night, space relations.

First Friday last Friday was so much fun. This time it was just me and the girls. I took Marc's Nieces with me this time. We arrived at about 9:00pm so things were starting to close up but I think they still had a good time. I did.

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