Monday, February 1, 2010

More Fun With Chicken Piccata!

So I am on this cooking crazy now. I use to cook all the time in Savannah but now not so much in Tallahassee. I am doing better. First this little pesto mozzarella tortilla thing I found on soul pretty can I tell you so good. So good! Thanks for the recipe! I make them all the time now. Maybe I might add some chicken ummmmm.

Onward. I made Chicken Piccata once again. I got the recipe off of martha She always has great recipes. Well I think I did good. I have let everyone else try it and they like it. So I might not make it again for a while. I am going to try different ones each week if I can.ok so these are some of the ingredients I used. I change the recipe a little. I use panko breadcrumbs instead of flour. I learn that one from my old boss in Savannah. Thank you E!
That chicken looks heavenly. Hummmmm
What's alittle chicken piccata with out pasta. I have done this part so much it didn't take long at all

Sorry I don't have a finish picture when I fix some tonight I will probably take a picture of it then.

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