Friday, February 5, 2010

God Inspired Words from Ms. Joy

Yea!!! She is back. I missed the inspiring words from Ms. Joy. Glad to hear the wonderful and healing words God has put on her heart. Well with out further Adieu.

(Psalms 6:2 NKJV) Have mercy on me, O LORD, for I am weak; O LORD, heal me, for my bones are troubled.
Healing after the hurt is exactly what God intends for each of us. Like a child that bruises his or her knee. They are expected to heal after a band aid is placed over it. In time the wound will close if medicated appropriately. The same is with God. He wants us to understand that we will get hurt, bruised, banged up and even battered. However if we allow God to take each and every one of our wounds to the cross He will properly medicate them. He will spread his loving neosporin, he will wrap the wound with his merciful bandages and he will lay His hands daily in an act of love and gentle grace.
Their may be a scar left but these scars are to remind you of His power. You never would have made it without Him. You would have been limping around and left to bleed if it had not been for His goodness. When you are weak- He is strong. Take the time to give Him all the time He needs to touch you in places that you may not have even known were hurting.
Try His way of mending and making you whole again.
Hurting and Healing,
Ms. Joy

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