Sunday, February 28, 2010

Crazy Week , Fun Weekend

Oh man what a week. Besides going to a funeral, running around, track meet prep and visiting people in the hospital, the week was OK. I did get the opportunity to see the play "Crowns". Can I tell you it was like I had been in Church all day. OK check it. Last night Marc and I took his nieces and nephew out for dinner and a movie. It was the youngest niece's birthday. We took them for sushi and a movie, Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief and Masa restaurant. Man those sushi rolls were so good. We almost missed it though, we got there like 10mins before the kitchen closed( Talking about a close call). Anyway it was so good. Next we went to the movies, ok so we were like late for that too. We missed like 8 mins of the movie, buuuuuuuuut I think we caught on. So she had a great time, which I am glad. Oh did I forget to tell you it was super late we went to Masa at about 9:40pm and the movie at 11:00pm. I was tired. So then I woke up about 7:00am to got to church on Sunday. I almost fell over getting out of bed, but I just had to fellowship with others. So from there we went to eat and then I took an hour nap and headed to the play. I was late for that too! I am detecting a pattern , ummmmI better work on this.Image found here
The play was fabulous. You have to excuse the lack of pics I did not have the camera this weekend. I tried to find pictures of the play "Crowns" on the FAMUAN but they have none on there website( none I can find anyway). So this one is from the Tallahassee DemocratImage found here

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