Sunday, February 14, 2010

Books and Cinnamon Rolls

Burnt Bacon Cinnamon rolls

Oh this weekend was so Fun and interesting. So much to blog about ummmmmmmm where to start... Well I will start with today and work my way back. Valentines day! That is all just a day. Just chillin out at church and burning Cinnamon rolls. Ok I saw this delicious recipe, bacon cinnamon rolls, on I have been fasting and my homie and I have been waiting to try this thing out. Of course he tells me to pre heat the oven to 400 degrees when the directions clearly say 350 degrees. Men. Well of course they burned I was so upset. It's like 12:15am Feb 14th and these cinnamon rolls and bacon are all burnt up. Yeah I was put off, but he said don't worry they weren't that bad. Well I never got to taste them my mom had thrown them away before I could taste them to see if the burnt food was really alright. Oh well!Onward...

I did receive a Valentine Day Gift yea! Don't you love it when some one knows you so well that they know exactly what you like without you asking for it. That is what my homie did. He got me this Book, The Princess and the Pea. Big deal right! This book is visually awesome it looks like the author and illustrator created the visuals through different patterns and textures and it's set in Africa. (You gotta love that) The Author and Illustrator is Rachel Isadora and she has other books. I want the ones that look like the princess and the pea. I am just loving these books and I do love a good fairy tale.


  1. that is a beautiful book! Sorry about your cinnamon rolls. Try it again and Ive learned to never cook anything above 375 degrees...cant wait to see how it turns out second time around