Monday, February 15, 2010

I am back Savannah!

Super Lube is great My car is running so good right now
Yes this was my room
I went to travelocity and got this room for $80. Sweet! I saw that it would be for like $57 dollars in the summer.
Don't you love a clean bathroom.

So last weekend I made my way back to Savannah for the Fibers Open House. Now I had a great time down there and have lots of pictures and information to share. Well Friday was so yucky. It rained the whole day. So first before I left I had to get an oil change and have my serpentine belt replaced.( I can not break down in the rain) So I am trying to get to Savannah before 5:00pm the Open house started at 5:00. I get to Savannah about right at around 5 and check in to the Hilton Garden Inn, oh it was very nice. Then I called my homegirl and she came on by and we road out to the show. Hilton Garden Inn in Savannah did not disappoint

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