Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cooking 101. A+

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I have comeback to the kitchen after my last cooking ordeal. Well I figured one or two things about the last dish. One: Maybe I should not have made substitutes. ( Maaaaaybe it was a bad idea. Click here to see last meal) Two: Maybe the recipe wasn't bangin' like I thought. Any way moving on to last night's dish, Spicy Shrimp and Tomato pasta. I have to say I got an a plus for this and it wasn't hard at all. I recommend this to anyone and when I think about it is sorta healthy. I found the recipe on Martha Stewart's site. Oh I made Garlic Bread and I got the instuctions for that form Simple Check them out they have some pretty good recipes too. Ok this is how it went.

I went to publix and bought some shrimp. It was on sell, but I recommend going to the local fish market or seafood market, It would probably be cheaper.

So this was 97cents yea! Publix had a pretty good sale. I think I am going to try the whole wheat pasta next time just to see if it taste any different.
You know what this is Shrimp being cook. This time I did not over cook it YeY!
Ok so the recipe called for Can tomatoes in garlic so I got the italian seasonings. I could not find the one the recipe called for so I improvised I figure it would fine. It was really good too.
Oh this was so good. I used Italian 5 grain bread from the bakery. Yes I will be using it from now on.
Here is the sauce. I was wondering why it would not get really thick and I figure maybe I didn't drain the liquid that was in the can ( duh Janine duh)
Now everything together. Easy right!

Excuse the out of focus pics. Not my best stuff but this salad hit the spot and went along well with the other items. I had a good time and My parents loved it too. My mom could not stop eating the bread and my daddy kept trying to 3rds and 4ths. This did not take long so now it's in my recipe pile. I am going to make the chicken piccata again tonight and this little yummy snack I found off of Soul Pretty.

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