Monday, January 4, 2010

Now calling J873 at station 4!!!

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I thought I was not going to make another post until tomorrow but, I have to talk about this, Ok my birthday was on the 4th of December and in Florida you have a month after your birthday to renew your tag. I usually do this online or go to one of the little places in town. So no I went the state building today. Note the day of the post, I am to the day. So when you go in you tell the receptionist what it is that you are there for and they give you a number in the category that you fall under. Simple right! Well no. There are 9 stations that you can go to but when I got there, their were only 4 stations open and the people there are looking at you like you are crazy. So I take my number and sit down. This was at 12:44. So all of a sudden on of the ladies is going to lunch, I assume and the number in the waiting area has grown to 30. I am like all I have to do is renew the tag that takes all of 5 to 8 mins tops. So I see these other people that I was clearly a head of. So then the nice guy that was giving the numbers out the people and myself left to go to lunch and was replace with this mean, none smiling lady. She gave attitude to everyone. So finally I get up there and the women was like registration. I thought oh no, then she says "drivers license" with an attitude. Then when I went to pay she says" we don't take visa" I was so glad that I had cash on me and then I was annoyed. Why does the state department of motor vehicles no accept visa, every one excepts visa. I get to my car and it's 1:40. I couldn't believe I waited an hour to to something that takes 5 to 8 mins. Yeah I learned my lesson next time I will renew it on time. I had to go and get a cookie after that. Ummmmmmmm I felt better.

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