Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday Card!

Yey she likes it!
This is the envelope I made. That Cherry is scented.

I got all this at Jo anns on sale very cool I think.

So on of my homies had a birthday on Saturday. She is a wonderful 25 years of age. She and planned a spa and dinner day for all her friends to join her. I was not able to participate in these activities but met them at dinner to give her the card that I made for her. I dusted off the craft skills and started the creative tank of ideas again. Well I turned our pretty good and she like it so that was all that matter to me. Glad you enjoy your birthday homie. YEYY!


  1. beautiful card!!! good job

  2. Yes, I loved the card ... you are so gifted! thank you again:)


  3. Good Job Nene!!! Wow, I wonder where you got all this talent. LOL