Monday, November 30, 2009


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Well, thanksgiving is over. Lots to be thankful for. God God , Good Family, Good company, and Good Food. So exciting! My sister and here husband came home and she looks great after 1 full year of marriage. Yea! My cousin proposed to his girlfriend. Yea! So anyway. After all that wonderfulness I decided to cook something on Saturday.( Go figure) Well I decided to make this recipe I got off of Martha Stewart website Bake Penne with Chicken and Sun-Dried tomatoes. Then I made some chocolate chip cookies from a recipe on the back of the nestle toll house bag.
Ok this is how it went.Ok I totally skips some steps here, but I think you can still follow. Ok I seasoned my Chicken and cooked, like the recipe said( this went pretty good the chicken taste good and I didn't over cook it yea for me)

Ok so I started boiling the pasta like the recipe said, but I for got to drain it before al dente( which I guess means done)
Ok so far so good. I get to the mixture. ( where everything is suppose to be combined:pasta, chicken, sundried tomatoes, oh yeah it's mushrooms in this dish) Now at this point is where things kinda started out bad. I thought I could use evaporated milk instead of whole milk( why not I use it in my mac and cheese) and then I added way more flour then the recipe ask for ( ummm almost a 1/2 cupp more. So you know there are lump at the bottom of that.
So I just went on. I added the Cheese, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, chicken and pasta and mix it together and put it in the pan.
After I put in the pan I let it bake for like 20 min. I took it out and ate it like 20 min later and it was alright. I am not sure if I seasoned the mixture right or if i SHOULD have used whole milk. The batter was really thick instead of creamy it tasted a little bready. I guess that is where the extra 1/2 cup of flour showed up. All and all I kinda like it. But hey click here or at the link at the top if you would like to try it. Maybe your results will be better.

On to the cookies! These turned out way better and my mom helped ( mainly because she wanted to clean up after me :) ) The recipe was on the chocolate chip morsels bag. It was simple enough
Ummmmmmmmm after batter is Good. My mom talk me out of putting two full bags of chocolate chips in the batter. Mom- 1 Me-0 She won! I'll do it next time.hehehe

Yummmmy Cookies!

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