Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goodbye 2009! HELLO 2010!!!!!!

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Hey and Happy New year folks. I tried to make a post before the new year but hey... I didn't.
So pressing on to the new year. Yea! Well I still have other stuff that went on to blog about but they will come in later post, right now I must recap the lessons( very hard lessons) learned in 2009.

Lesson 1. This one is a big one and I had to really recover from it.
{ Most things are as they seem. Some times answers and realizations are right there in front of your face and since it is not what we want or what we think it should be, we stay in a state of denial. Sometimes the thing you are seeing about a situation or a person or a job or anything is actually what it is. Nothing more or nothing less.}

Lesson 2. Fear is dangerous. Reacting out of fear can damage relationships, friendships and hinder you from fulfilling some task that God has assign you. There are people out there that won't get the blessing they need if you are reacting out of fear because they need you to be fearless or to do it afraid.

Lesson3. Your life and life decisions directly affect some one else's life. It's not all about you. You might be but in a situation or a place to help some one and not for your own personal comfort. Sometimes if you are comfortable you are not paying attention to the ones around you that are uncomfortable. God wants us to help one another but we have to pay attention. Sometimes when we are out of our comfort zone can we really relate and help others.

Lesson4. Chill out! Ok thing do go bad but you can't react like a manic every time it does. I think that is the difference in immaturity and maturity how we respond in situations that life those at us.

Lesson 5. Get out of my head. I have like a dream world of how things should be with out looking at what is really going on. I am positive and generally optimistic but sometimes I think I am not applying it to the real situation in front of me. I think I stay and live to much in the dream world in my head. Apply the positive attitude to the real situations.

Lesson 6. Look at myself first. Ummmmmmmm Yeah this one stings a lot, but sometimes the problem is me and I need to learn to except that first before real change can happen or sometimes I am apart of the problems and I need to take responsibility for my part.

Lesson 7. Love Hard. ( Let me be specific. I don't mean fall in love hard, just love hard) If you love others hard all the issues you are dealing with might not seem so bad or some one will love you hard and help you with your issues as you have loved and help some one else.

Lesson8. Pray about everything, cause Jesus hears it them and delivers. Don't be afraid to pray big. Hey He can handle it.

Yep I learned more but I feel these made a huge impact.
Now some positives.

Positives 1. If you need a friend be a friend. I think I heard Charles Stanley say it. It makes since to me.

Positive 2. No matter how bad the day before was if you get the opportunity to see the next day Rejoice that the opportunity to make it better was granted to you, because some had a bad day and didn't see the next one.

Positive 3. Enjoy the journey. It's the fun part. When you reach the destination you will remember the journey so enjoy it.

Positive 4. If you are a Christian Jesus loves and covers you everyday. Things that could go way wrong don't and things that could go really bad never get that bad. If you are not a Christian Jesus loves you too. He died for you too! Come on over to the tent of Christ he will cover you too!

Positive 5. "Your circumstances may be uncongenial, but they shall not remain so if you only perceive an ideal and strive to reach it. You cannot travel within and stand still without." James Allen

Positive 6.
The only thing that stands between a man and what he wants from life is often merely the will to try and the faith to believe that it is possible. Richard M. DeVos

Positive 7. The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.

Well that's all I got.

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  1. Nice list!!! I can not wait to see what 2010 has in store for you. Keep dreaming, keep striving, and keep blogging, lol.

    From u know who...:)