Monday, January 4, 2010

Not so Friendly Day Spa

So my mama and sister decided to beautify me ( I am already cute they just thought some minor enhancements would be fun) for my birthday/Christmas gifts. I really appreciate it mom and Candice. Ok I got my nails done, this is a first for me, I got a pedicure and my eyebrows waxed. Now the full set and pedicure should have been more fun, but it wasn't. My mom booked us an appointment at Millennium Nail and Day Spa ( yeah I said the place check it out may be they will treat you better). Now this is not usually where my mom gets her nails done, she just booked it because they had more people on staff and we would not have a long wait since it was three of us. Now I was excited because I was suppose to get a full set,pedicure and get my eyebrows arched( Mind you my first time for all of these things and it was New Year's eve. I wanted to look nice going into the new year) My nails were fine. The guy that did them was cool. The pedicure was great ummmm a massage and nail shape up ummmmmm I will definitely be doing that again. Well I guess you are like what's the problem. The front desk service was awful. I didn't get my eyebrows done because when I asked when was I schedule she was like your not and kinda left it like that, didn't ask any additional questions or even smile and say she would check. She was very cold. The spa experience was cold and unfriendly but the service was pretty good. My sister said she has had a better pedicure before. Later on the lady said I was booked and she didn't look in the right place my mama was like don't worry about it. They were so unfriendly. I even heard them talk about another lady after she left and they were kinda rude to the nail techs. I am not going back there again. I thought spas were suppose to make you feel like you are a queen or something and you are suppose to be pampered and treated super nice.Despite the unfriendliness I had a fun time with my mom and sister they are great fun. Glad my sister was here for the pedicure and girls day out, it was awesome. Apparently I am the only one that hasn't had this done.Look at me with nails!

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