Friday, January 8, 2010

Savannah Throw Back

Ahhhhhhhhh...... Memories

Working at WSAV That is me with the dreads and April and I think it's Eric Lastra( If any one knows let me know, I wish I got a picture of Tommy from "Martin" when he came to the station.)
WSAV Holiday Party. I missed it but I heard it was great.
Oh yes my girl and her homie. I love both of them.
Me on the TelePrompter at WSAV in Savannah
Us again at the senior show.
My homie and her art work. Great Artist
Nancy me and Doris. Oh I love Doris one of my favorite teachers.
Nancy and Me. I miss her.
Graduating work and books I sell.

Hey I have been looking threw a lot old photos of when I was in Savannah and remembering the time I was immersed in art and how wonderful it it felt to be surrounded by artist all day. I love hanging out with my homie Erin and 482 and Nancy. I loved bring my ideas to my teach Doris and I love the little food places down town. Well here are some throw backs from 2008. Enjoy

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