Friday, December 31, 2010

I love my Family!!!!!

So this is my Little sister and for Christmas she was in charge of the Mac and Cheese and the pound Cake. ( in case you are wondering I was in charge of nothing hahahah everyone is to afraid I am going to make something weird)
This is my dad and brother and brother in law acting silly
Hahahahah this is funny because my Dad is a Steelers fan and my sister and brother in law bought him all this Steelers's gear for Christmas. So my dad talks about everyone's team so bad he makes everyone not like the Steelers ( sorry Steelers fans) So Mike and I are showing how we feel about it. No we didnt' really step on the hat.
This was funny. My brother is a Saint's fan and as we were taking the picture my dad place this over his head. Mike did feel a certain kind a way about too. I thought it was stupid funny.

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