Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Update: Coach Natalie Randoph Head Boys Football Coach

you can find the picture here
So let me update ya on a post I made like in March( Coach Natalie Randoph). It was about a Female High football coach at Coolidge High. I just wanted to see how the season went for her. Of course it was a big deal for her first game of the season, and they lost, OUCH! Well she is 30 years old around the ages of other male coaches when they start out so hey you can't expect a miracle for the first game, but read the article here. She's young and it's her first head coaching position. I give her another year and no on is going to think about the fact that she is a women coaching High school Football. Here is a link to there schedule and their record was 4-7 sooo ummm. It's alright Coach Randoph, you won some conference games and it's your first year. It will get better. I am ready to see what goes on with her team next season.
Below is the press conference that took place in March.... Here is the link to where the video is located.

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