Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday benefit Mixer 2010

Saturday was a pretty good day. First Friday was 4Q for the playoffs. We have one team from the area that made it to state. My arch rival when I was in high school. Hahaahha but he that was like 10 years ago so I am proud that we have a team from Tallahassee representing and the head Coach is a young black young man that my mother use to teach in high school. So the we are all in support of him. Now to Saturday. My Homies, I love them so much, we have been homies since like freshman year in high school and we love them like family. They are trying to do this annually, but they put on this holiday benefit mixer ever year, I think this is the third year they have done this event. It was a social event with free food and drinks and all you had to do was bring a toy. The toys go to kids whose parents or parent is incarcerated. This particular one is really close to my heart where I was apart of this angel network at my home church and we did that gift giving to those kids and one of them was going to our church and I talk with her often. So I was the one that picked her name. It was cool too because I picked her up one day and took to window shopping and I ended up getting most of the clothes that she liked. It was really nice. Brad and Joey keep up the good work. I can't wait until next year.

Brad is showing some one the kids that have benefit from our giving.

These are Brad's beautiful sisters. Chelsea and Ingrid. Chelsea has a gospel album out. You can check it out here
My Classmates Joey and Brad they put this event. Good job Guys ( Man I wish I knew his eyes were close dang! oh well sorry homie)
My cousin came out to the event too!


  1. Thanks for the love Janine! We definitely appreciate it!

    - Joe

  2. no prob Joey! You know I gotcha both of my buddies!