Monday, December 6, 2010


Sooooooo last Saturday was my birthday. Yes another year older. I am a wonder 28years of age now. Thank you God! Well I will let the pictures tell the story

First the night before, after game night the staff and I went to Applebees, Ummm I forgot they do embarrassing stuff at restaurants when it's your birthday. I should have remembered! They embarrassed me the whole night making out burst like "Happy Birthday Janine Whooooohoooo and then the "Happy Happy Birthday" chicks came to the table and did the long version of the song " Anyway the next morning my Dad took me to village inn for Daddy Daughter breakfast and we had soooooo much fun and made conversation with each group of people that sat next to us. First a couple that grew Christmas trees( did you know it take like 15 years to grow a Christmas tree) then a mother and her kids sat next to us and she did like some freelance crime stuff and catering and something else but I can't remember, but great times!
So my birthday outing with the homies.
Ummmmm my favorite long tail fish stuffed with cheese scallops, shrimp ummmmm yum
Bang bang tacos.. not sure what this tasted like my cousin ordered and didn't even eat it she took it home
Me and my best Friend!
Birthday desert, Thanks most awesome waitress for this it was good.
My other beautiful cousin... I love her fro!
It was cold but not that cold to be grown for pics lol
Me and my old roomie, she is already picture taking ready
Me an Casa of course being grown.
The new crew! ( We should have a crew reunion)
This is me the next day after church, Casa brought me this dress for my B-Day I love it!
WhooooooHoooooo look at that embroidery!

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