Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tallahassee Fashion Week

Yeah I said it! Tiny Tallahassee, Fl is have a fashion week not really sure how many it's been but it's go to know some one wants to get it started. The dates are August 24-29thI am just having a hard time finding more info on it. I saw it by chance on craigslist and was elated. I guess the closer we get to the event we will get more information.The person over it is MeShun Vann a conceptual makeup artist. She is trying to be fashion awareness to Tallahassee and I like it. Check out her my space page here. I really hope it is a great success. Here are some images from the last show and from here page.
This is image can be found here. I think the make up is by Ms. Vann and the awesome photograph was done by Marcus Duval. Really really nice work. I love to find local photographers that do great work. If I can find a website with all his work he will be on my next local photographer post . I like the work I saw on his myspace page so go and check it out. I can't wait I think I was still in Savannah the first time they did it so now I am ready to see what our artist have to offer. I can not wait to see pics of the first one and to see the website. So excited!!!!
This is a pic from the first on I think. If anyone knows just let me know.Image located here. I think this is another fashion week that was held earlier this year.

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