Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Day at Jo anns

I was in Jo anns the other day buying fabric so I can make one of my little homies a dress for her B-Day.( But I will post that later) So I walk in and the whole store has been changed. They still don't have the zippers I need or feet attachments to singer sewing machine, but they look like they have scaled down there pattern selection. It use to be at least 8 cabinets of patterns now it's just on and I don't see Burda patterns no more. I have never used one but was planning on it. I so wish there was a Hancock Fabrics here. At least I would have options. But one thing I can say is that Jo anns prints have gotten a whole lot better and they are offering a wider selection of different types of fabrics. I am still going to get fabrics on line because they are cheaper and in my opinion seem better at times. Ok the really reason for this post was just to show some of the Buttricks patterns I bought , they were $0.99 how could I resist. There was only on Buttricks book there and the lady looking at it knew I was looking for it and didn't say anything like "oh I have that book". So I finally asked her and she is like " Yes,I do. It seems to be the only one and I have been waiting on it and it's a line that women over there is waiting for a while"
I was like OKAY. So I went rummaging through the drawer anyway and found some good stuff. ( Don't need the book Hah!) I can't wait to make these, but I really need to finish the other items first. I better crack the whip on myself. Oh if you want to check out more patterns and see the ones posted below click here.

I really like the style of the white dress.
I really like the red dress. I am going to make this one soon.
This skirt is bangin'. This would be a good fall skirt don't you think.
I have never made a coat before this should be interesting.

I want to make this for the gala that I might have to photograph in the fall.

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