Friday, July 17, 2009

A mellow kind of Friday

Panera Love. I was just reading and eating what an excellent morning.

Isn't this just gorgious. It's silk chiffon

Who doesn't enjoy a nice relaxing day. I was off to day and hung out with my parents today just chilled out. I went to Panera Bread( I just love that place and visit there whenever I have money) You have to try there cob salad it is awesome.
I was there this morning, PAY DAY Yea! I recived this about a week ago. It was some fabric that I brought from Fashion fabic club. Thank you Krustallos! It is now on of my favorite online places to buy fabric besides Denver fabrics. I think fashion fabric club and denver fabrics are own by the same people. I found out about denver fabrics from the thatsewlive blog, which is no longer out there. I miss it. It was sooooooooooooo good, but I hope mother hood is treating here well and she returns to the blog world. Life is Good!!!!!!!!

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