Monday, July 6, 2009

God Inspired Words from Ms. Joy

"Today's Breakfast Special: Psalm 34:8 " Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him."
The Lord dropped in my spirit this morning an unusual reminder. He said Joy, "give me a minute I am cooking up something good for you and those around you. So take a seat at the table I have prepared and wait I will bring it to you."
Oftentimes we forget that what He is mixing up in the back is going to be well worth the wait. We fail to trust his know how in the kitchen of our lives.We somehow think that we or someone close to us can do a better job. You know how you are when it comes to eating other peoples food. The first thing we think when we take a bite out of that sweet potato pie that our coworker brought to the office potluck is..." I don't eat just anyones food, no-one can do it like my momma or I don't even know if she washed her hands." Its hard to trust everyones culinary skills isn't it? Yet if our Father in heaven says that He is in the kitchen we should be able to walk out with ease, sit down at the table and wait. Even more, is the fact that He is willing to serve it to us. How often do you find yourself being served other than in a restaurant. Christ wants you to know that He is willing to take that position of humility because you are worth it.
Unfortunately, once we are seated we take it back to the days of our youth when we try and see if we got the most on our plate or the larger portion than the person sitting next to us. Christ wants you to focus on the special order made just for you and no one else. You may not have as much as Mrs. Jones does on her plate but He wants you to trust that it will be fulfilling enough for you! Sometimes our faith and trust is tested while we wait at the table for what God is cooking up for us. You know how you get when the waiter comes to the table with everyone elses food and turns to you to say that your food is still cooking and it will be a little while longer. Immediately you have a choice to either get upset and lose your cool or to be patient and rejoice as those around you are served.
The same thing applies with what God has for you and only you. Don't lose hope in that unseen victory because someone else gets their blessing before you. The Bible says to praise Him in the good times and the bad times....or better yet continue to praise Him in the "waiting room". It is there where Christ acknowledges your faithfulness. Some victories take a little longer to cook completely. Be patient and don't grow weary in well doing. God is not the one to watch His children suffer or go without.
As each of us wait for our breakthrough to be brought to the table lets remember the words of our momma's when sitting at the dinner table as a child.."dinner is almost ready-keep your eyes and your hands on your own plate."
Then you will be able to taste and see that what the Lord cooked up for you is GOOD and A SPECIAL ORDER MADE JUST FOR YOU!
Trusting the Master Chef,
Ms. Joy "


  1. An awesome word.
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  2. Thanks Trudy, Ms Joy has a wonderful insight I can really hear God In her writing. I have checked out you blog and visit it frequently. You are so cute. I love it!