Thursday, July 2, 2009

Print in Production.

I found out about this wonderful company call Fabric On Demand. I found about about them on whipup. This company takes your art work and prints it on fabric for a reasonable price. As I am a textile designer I am still trying to set up a screen printing studio and dye lab but in the mean time to find some place to put my ideas into production is great. My design repeat is now on fabric. I can not wait to do more. Copyrighted and printed awesome. Check me out. I praying to have my on line of fabrics. I working toward the goal. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!This is the CAD version. They stepped it out for me I just gave them the unit

This is the close up on the fabric. ( I know I know can't really see the quality of the fabric It' s awesome I promise!)

This is the full yard( please excuse the wrinkles)

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