Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So I have been trying to come up with a style that might be fly for a gala I am working on Saturday. I wanted to make a dress for it also, but haven't had time. But I still have until Saturday, you never know what I might have time to do in between then. I love watching the natural hair You tube videos and channels, Check out my favorite ones here, I have learned how to style my hair, I learned about my hair, how to take care of my hair, products and products I can make for my hair. It's wonderful! I could not find any of this about 8 years ago when I did my big chop( at least that is what they call it now, I just got a hair cut). So this is great! Now I have been 2 years with out my dreads and I have learned more about natural hair care and styling then I ever knew in the 4 1/2 years I had dreads. Anyway back to the gala. I saw this Bantu knot extensions on Black Onyx you tube channel and was in love. Yesterday I attempted it. It turned out well. Soooo I am going to rock this for the rest of the week and redo it on Saturday. Click to view the Black Onyx video on the Bantu knots extensions Ummmmm Now what to wear

This is the beginning stages. Little afro puffs. My parting was ok. Hey it was my first time. I figured i wouldn't get perfection on the first try.
Star pattern was totally unintended
Lol the back of my head day I will be master. Right now I will have to work those squiggly line parts Hahahahah

Maybe if I actually followed Black Onyx instructions It wouldn't look so spacious.... hhahahaha well I learned. I still like it!
Oooooo can't wait to restyle for the gala.

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