Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hair Issues

So I have been having a hair catastrophe for the past week and a half. I could not get it together and I was way too tired to do anything to it. ugh! I just end up wearing a wrap for a week. I was so considering cutting it off I was so frustrated and the flakes the flakes and dry scalp Ugh! I am done complaining. This week is better.

Ok these were ok. They were my first ever flat twist success. Yea! They were so loose I had to take them out like a day later.
Hair growth. My Big afro is causing me some issues now. It won't lay right anymore every time I blow it out it looks like I didn't do a dang thang to my hair and when I try to shrink it down won't lay down tight anymore. Mounting frustrations.
Yea so I just rock this wrap for the remainder of the week. Jenelle's earrings did help me out ;)
Sigh* The journey continues....

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