Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh how I love two strand twist!

So the hair Journey continues, I just got tired of it the other week and just decided to take the time and hook my self up with ( my favorite) two strand twist. It was funny though because it took me three days ( I got tired when I got to the back) to do it and no one really notice that I had half Bantu knots and half twist, hahahah or they really didn't care. Well for the winter I want Yarn braids or genie locs so ummm this should be good I will keep you up dated on how it goes.

This is actually the finished look all the way around my head.
Yeah this was what was going on in the back. Why it took so long I just don't know, The front didn't take that long at all.
Yes I really was looking like this for like 2 days.

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