Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coiling and Coil out

So Check out my Coil Out, I like it better.
Yep so I am going to try it again.Heeheheh a little more uniformed and smaller. Oooooo I can't wait. Oh and if you don't already know how to do different style, Check out You tube That is where I get my ideas and help from when it comes to natural hair, but you can go for permed hair or what ever hair, it's a great source of information. Here are some channels I like:

Mahogany Curls  ( I think she is on someone else's channel now but here is a video from her anyway)
Pretty Dimples ( I love her channel. She is too cute and I love the styles and the make up. She has great information on products and she tries a lot of different things with her hair)
I Love my Fro ( She is great. She experiments and has great tips for styles and natural hair care)
KimmayTube ( I love love love this channel. She has so much attitude and confidence it's awesome. She breaks down the science of hair and book on our hair and how to better take care of it and she has these fashions shows and  a on line source to buy the items she uses.. I think this one is my absolute favorite)
BlackOnyx77 ( I just started watching her channel and she does some awesome things with her hair and she talks about natural products that she uses.
Holyghostcarrier ( She is cool I don't go here often but I do enjoy her channel and she loves jesus)

Yes there are millions more these are the ones I enjoy and visit often, I find new ones ever time I am on Youtube. So if you have some Good ones you like leave me a comment I will definitely go check them out. Yep more hair fun to come... I think I am going to try everything ( maybe)

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